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Gertisser, Ralf; Self, Stephen; Thomas, Louise E.; Handley, Heather K.; Van Calsteren, Peter and wolff, John A. (2012). Processes and timescales of Magma Genesis and differentiation leading to the Great Tambora Eruption in 1815. Journal of Petrology, 53(2) pp. 271–297.

Hunt, A. C.; Parkinson, I. J.; Harris, N. B. W.; Barry, T. L.; Rogers, N. W. and Yondon, M. (2012). Cenozoic volcanism on the Hangai Dome, Central Mongolia: geochemical evidence for changing melt sources and implications for mechanisms of melting. Journal of Petrology, 53(9) pp. 1913–1942.


Singer, Brad S. ; Smith, Katy E.; Jicha, Brian.R.; Beard, Brian L.; Johnson, Clark M. and Rogers, Nick W. (2011). Tracking open-system differentiation during growth of Santa Maria Volcano, Guatemala. Journal of Petrology, 162 pp. 2335–2363.


Charlier, B. L. A. and Wilson, C. J. N. (2010). Chronology and evolution of caldera-forming and post-caldera magma systems at Okataina Volcano, New Zealand from zircon U-Th model-age spectra. Journal of Petrology, 51(5) pp. 1121–1141.

Jenner, Frances E.; O'Neil, Hugh St.C.; Arculus, Richard J. and Marvogenes, John A. (2010). The magnetite crisis in the evolution of arc-related magmas and the initial concentration of Au, Ag and Cu. Journal of Petrology, 51(12) pp. 2445–2464.


Marshall, A. S.; Macdonald, R.; Rogers, N. W.; Fitton, J. G.; Tindle, A. G.; Nejbert, K. and Hinton, R. W. (2009). Fractionation of peralkaline silicic magmas: the Greater Olkaria Volcanic Complex, Kenya Rift Valley. Journal of Petrology, 50(2) pp. 323–359. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Wilson, C. J. N. and Charlier, B. L. A. (2009). Rapid rates of magma generation at contemporaneous magma systems, Taupo Volcano, New Zealand: insights from U-Th model-age spectra in zircons. Journal of Petrology, 50(5) pp. 875–907.


Macdonald, R.; Belkin, H. E.; Fitton, J. G.; Rogers, N. W.; Nejbert, K.; Tindle, A. G. and Marshall, A. S. (2008). The roles of fractional crystallization, magma mixing, crystal mush remobilization, and volatile-melt interactions in the genesis of a young basalt- peralkaline rhyolite suite, the Greater Olkaria volcanic complex, Kenya rift valley. Journal of Petrology, 49(8) pp. 1515–1547. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Charlier, B. L. A.; Bachmann, O.; Davidson, J. P.; Dungan, M. A. and Morgan, D. J. (2007). The upper crustal evolution of a large silicic magma body: Evidence from crystal-scale Rb-Sr isotopic Heterogeneities in the fish canyon magmatic system, Colorado. Journal of Petrology, 48(10) pp. 1875–1894.

Font, L; Murton, B. J.; Roberts, S and Tindle, A. G. (2007). Variations in melt productivity and melting conditions along SWIR (70°E-49°E): evidence from olivine-hosted and plagioclase-hosted melt inclusions. Journal of Petrology, 48(8) pp. 1471–1494. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Guilbaud, M.-N.; Blake, S.; Thordarson, T. and Self, S. (2007). Role of syneruptive cooling and degassing on textures of lavas from the AD 1783-1784 LAki eruption, south Iceland. Journal of Petrology, 48(7) pp. 1265–1294.

Toothill, J. A.; Williams, C. A.; Macdonald, R.; Turner, S. P.; Rogers, N. W.; Hawkesworth, C. J.; Jerram, D. A.; Ottley, C. J. and Tindle, A. G. (2007). A complex petrogenesis for an arc magmatic suite, St Kitts, Lesser Antilles. Journal of Petrology, 48(1) pp. 3–42. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Lowenstern, J.B.; Charlier, B.L.A.; Clynne, M.A. and Wooden, J.L. (2006). Extreme U–Th Disequilibrium in Rift-Related Basalts, Rhyolites and Granophyric Granite and the Timescale of Rhyolite Generation, Intrusion and Crystallization at Alid Volcanic Center, Eritrea. Journal of Petrology, 47(11) pp. 2105–2122.

Wilson, C. J. N.; Blake, S.; Charlier, B. L. A. and Sutton, A. N. (2006). The 26.5 ka Oruanui Eruption, Taupo Volcano, New Zealand: Development, characteristics and evacuation of a large rhyolitic magma body. Journal of Petrology, 47(1) pp. 35–69.


Charlier, B.L.A.; Wilson, C.J.N.; Lowenstern, J.B.; Blake, S.; van Calsteren, P.W. and Davidson, J.P. (2005). Magma Generation at a Large, Hyperactive Silicic Volcano (Taupo, New Zealand) Revealed by U–Th and U–Pb Systematics in Zircons. Journal of Petrology, 46(1) pp. 3–32.

Riley, Teal R.; Leat, Philip T.; Curtis, Michael L.; Millar, Ian L.; Duncan, Robert A. and Fazel, Adela (2005). Early-middle Jurassic dolerite dykes from western Dronning Maud Land (Antarctica): Identifying mantle sources in the Karoo large igneous province. Journal of Petrology, 46(7) pp. 1489–1524.


Rogers, Nick W.; Evans, Peter J.; Blake, Steve; Scott, Stuart C. and Hawkesworth, Chris J. (2004). Rates and Timescales of fractional crystallisation from 238U–230Th–226Ra disequilibria in trachyte lavas from Longonot Volcano, Kenya. Journal of Petrology, 45(9) pp. 1747–1776.

Williams, H.M.; Turner, S.P.; Pearce, J.A.; Kelley, S.P. and Harris, N.B.W. (2004). Nature of the source regions for post-collisional, potassic magmatism in southern and northern Tibet from geochemical variations and inverse trace element modelling. Journal of Petrology, 45(3) pp. 555–607.


Anand, M.; Gibson, S.A; Subbarao, K.V; Kelley, S.P and Dickin, A.P (2003). Early Proterozoic Melt Generation Processes beneath the Intra-cratonic Cuddapah Basin, Southern India. Journal of Petrology, 44(12) pp. 2139–2171.

Harris, Nigel; McMillan, Andy; Holness, Marian; Uken, Ron; Watkeys, Mike; Rogers, Nick and Fallick, Anthony (2003). Melt Generation and Fluid Flow in the Thermal Aureole of the Bushveld Complex. Journal of Petrology, 44(6) pp. 1031–1054.


Macdonald, R.; Rogers, N.W; Fitton, J.G.; Black, S. and Smith, M. (2001). Plume-lithosphere interactions in the generation of the basalts of the Kenya Rift, East Africa. Journal of Petrology, 42(5) pp. 877–900.

Peate, David W.; Kokfelt, Thomas F.; Hawkesworth, Chris J.; van Calsteren, Peter W.; Hergt, Janet M. and Pearce, Julian A. (2001). U-series Isotope Data on Lau Basin Glasses: the Role of Subduction-related Fluids during Melt Generation in Back-arc Basins. Journal of Petrology, 42(8) pp. 1449–1470.


Widdowson, M.; Pringle, M. S and Fernandez, O. A. (2000). A post K–T boundary (Early Palaeocene) age for Deccan-type feeder dykes, Goa, India. Journal of Petrology, 41(7) pp. 1177–1194.

Williamson, B. J.; Spratt, J.; Adams, J. T.; Tindle, A. G. and Stanley, C. J. (2000). Geochemical constraints from zoned hydrothermal tourmalines on fluid evolution and Sn mineralization: an example from fault breccias at Roche, SW England. Journal of Petrology, 41(9) pp. 1439–1453.


Parkinson, Ian and Pearce, JA (1998). Peridotites from the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Forearc (ODP Leg 125): Evidence for mantle melting and melt-mantle interaction in a supra-subduction zone setting. Journal of Petrology, 39 pp. 1577–1618.


Thorpe, R. S.; Tindle, A. G. and Gledhill, A. (1990). The Petrology and Origin of the Tertiary Lundy Granite (Bristol Channel, UK). Journal of Petrology, 31(6) pp. 1379–1406. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Pearce, Julian A.; Harris, Nigel B. W. and Tindle, Andrew G. (1984). Trace element discrimination diagrams for the tectonic interpretation of granitic rocks. Journal of Petrology, 25 pp. 956–983. restricted access item, not available for direct download

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