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Cunha, T.; Mendes, M.; Ferreira da Silva, F.; Eden, S.; García, G. and Limão-Vieira, P. (2018). Communication: Site-selective bond excision of adenine upon electron transfer. Journal of Chemical Physics, 148(2), article no. 021101. file


Sieradzka, Agnieszka and Gorfinkiel, Jimena D. (2017). Theoretical study of resonance formation in microhydrated molecules. I. Pyridine-(H2O)n, n = 1,2,3,5. Journal of Chemical Physics, 147(3), article no. 034302. file


Regeta, Khrystyna; Allan, Michael; Mašin, Zdeněk and Gorfinkiel, Jimena D. (2016). Absolute cross sections for electronic excitation of pyrimidine by electron impact. Journal of Chemical Physics, 144(2), article no. 024302.

Regeta, Khrystyna; Allan, Michael; Winstead, Carl; McKoy, Vincent; Mašin, Zdeněk and Gorfinkiel, Jimena D. (2016). Resonance effects in elastic cross sections for electron scattering on pyrimidine: Experiment and theory. Journal of Chemical Physics, 144(2), article no. 024301.


Bhuin, Radha Gobinda; Sivaraman, Bhalamurugan; Lo, Jen-Iu; Sekhar, B. N. Raja; Cheng, Bing-Ming; Pradeep, Thalappil and Mason, Nigel John (2014). Communication: Vacuum ultraviolet photoabsorption of interstellar icy thiols. Journal of Chemical Physics, 141(23), article no. 231101. file

Śmiałek, M. A.; Łabuda, M.; Guthmuller, J.; Hubin-Franskin, M.-J.; Delwiche, J.; Duflot, D.; Mason, N. J.; Hoffmann, S. V.; Jones, N. C. and Limão-Vieira, P. (2014). Valence and ionic lowest-lying electronic states of ethyl formate as studied by high-resolution vacuum ultraviolet photoabsorption, He(I) photoelectron spectroscopy, and ab initio calculations. Journal of Chemical Physics, 141(10) p. 104311. file


Barc, B.; Ryszka, M.; Spurrell, J.; Dampc, M.; Limão-Vieira, P.; Parajuli, R.; Mason, N. and Eden, S. (2013). Multi-photon ionization and fragmentation of uracil: neutral excited-state ring opening and hydration effects. Journal of Chemical Physics, 139, article no. 244311. file

Palihawadana, P.; Sullivan, J. P.; Buckman, S. J.; Mašin, Z.; Gorfinkiel, J. D.; Blanco, F.; García, G. and Brunger, M. J. (2013). A joint theoretical and experimental study for elastic electron scattering from 1,4-dioxane. Journal of Chemical Physics, 139(1)

Sanz, A. G.; Fuss, M. C.; Blanco, F.; Gorfinkiel, J. D.; Almeida, D.; Ferreira da Silva, F.; Limão-Vieira, P.; Brunger, M. J. and García, G. (2013). An investigation into electron scattering from pyrazine at intermediate and high energies. Journal of Chemical Physics, 139, article no. 184310.


Mašin, Zdeněk; Gorfinkiel, Jimena; Jones, Darryl B.; Bellm, Susan M. and Brunger, Michael J. (2012). Elastic and inelastic cross sections for low-energy electron collisions with pyrimidine. Journal of Chemical Physics, 136(14), article no. 144310.

Mašin, Zdeněk and Gorfinkiel, Jimena D. (2012). Shape and core excited resonances in electron collisions with diazines. Journal of Chemical Physics, 137(20), article no. 204312. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Hotop, H.; Ruf, M.-W.; Kopyra, J.; Miller, T. M. and Fabrikant, I. I. (2011). On the relation between the activation energy for electron attachment reactions and the size of their thermal rate coefficients. Journal of Chemical Physics, 134(6) 064303.


Ptasińska, Sylwia; Stypczynska, Agnieszka; Nixon, Tony; Mason, Nigel; Klyachko, DV and Sanche, L (2008). X-ray induced damage in DNA monitored by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Journal of Chemical Physics, 129(6) pp. 129–134. file


Dawes, Anita; Mukerji, Robin J.; Davis, Michael P.; Holtom, Philip D.; Webb, Sarah M.; Sivaraman, Bhalamurugan; Hoffmann, Søren V.; Shaw, David A. and Mason, Nigel J. (2007). Morphological study into the temperature dependence of solid ammonia under astrochemical conditions using vacuum ultraviolet and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy. Journal of Chemical Physics, 126(24) pp. 244711–1.


Ptasinska, Sylwia and Sanche, Leon (2006). On the mechanism of anion desorption from DNA induced by low energy electrons. Journal of Chemical Physics, 125(14) pp. 144713–1.


Manzhos, Sergei; Romanescu, Constantin; Loock, Hans-Peter and Underwood, Jonathan G. (2004). Two-photon state selection and angular momentum polarization probed by velocity map imaging: Application to H atom photofragment angular distributions from the photodissociation of two-photon state selected HCl and HBr. Journal of Chemical Physics, 121(23) pp. 11802–11809. file

Ptasinska, S.; Denifl, S.; Scheier, P. and Märk, T. D. (2004). Inelastic electron interaction (attachment/ionization) with deoxyribose. Journal of Chemical Physics, 120(18) pp. 8505–8511.

Szmytkowski, Czeslaw; Piotrowicz, Michal; Domaracka, Alicja; Kłosowski, Lukasz; Ptasińska-Denga, Elzbieta and Kasperski, Grzegorz (2004). Electron collisions with trifluorides: BF3 and PF3 molecules. Journal of Chemical Physics, 121(4) pp. 1790–1795.


Giuliani, A.; Delwiche, J.; Hoffmann, S.V.; Limão-Vieira, P.; Mason, N.J. and Hubin-Franskin, M.-J. (2003). 2-Methyl furan: an experimental study of the excited electronic levels by electron energy loss spectroscopy, vacuum ultraviolet photoabsorption, and photoelectron spectroscopy. Journal of Chemical Physics, 119(7) pp. 3670–3680.

Giuliani, A.; Walker, I.C.; Delwiche, J.; Hoffmann, S.V.; Limao-Viera, P.; Mason, N.J.; Heyne, B.; Hoebeke, M. and Hubin-Franskin, M.J. (2003). The electronic states of 2-furanmethanol (furfuryl alcohol) studied by photon absorption and electron impact spectroscopies. Journal of Chemical Physics, 119(14) pp. 7282–7288.


Hubin-Franskin, M-J.; Delwiche, J.; Giuliani, A.; Ska, M-P.; Motte-Tollet, F.; Walker, I.C.; Mason, N.J.; Gingell, J.M. and Jones, N.C. (2002). Electronic excitation and optical cross sections of methylamine and ethylamine in the UV–VUV spectral region. Journal of Chemical Physics, 116(21) pp. 9261–9268.

Probst, M.; Hermansson, K.; Urban, J.; Mach, P.; Muigg, D.; Denifl, G.; Fiegele, T.; Mason, N.J.; Stamatovic, A. and Mark, T.D. (2002). Ionization energy studies for ozone and OClO monomers and dimers. Journal of Chemical Physics, 116(3) pp. 984–992.

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