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Samarelli, A.; Ferre Llin, L.; Cecchi, S.; Frigerio, J.; Etzelstorfer, T.; Müller, E.; Zhang, Y.; Watling, J. R.; Chrastina, D.; Isella, G.; Stangl, J.; Hague, J. P.; Weaver, J. M. R.; Dobson, P. and Paul, D. J. (2013). The thermoelectric properties of Ge/SiGe modulation doped superlattices. Journal of Applied Physics, 113(23) article 233704.


Ackemann, T.; Alduraibi, M.; Campbell, S.; Keatings, S.; Luke Sam, P.; Fraser, H.; Arnold, A. S.; Riis, E. and Missous, M. (2012). Diamond heat sinking of terahertz antennas for continuous-wave photomixing. Journal of Applied Physics, 112(12) article 123109. file

Autes, G.; Mathon, J. and Umerski, A. (2012). Reflection mechanism for generating spin transfer torque without charge current. Journal of Applied Physics, 111(5) article 053909. file

Chroneos, A. and Dimoulas, A. (2012). Defect configurations of high-k cations in germanium. Journal of Applied Physics, 111(2) article 023714. file

Chroneos, A.; Schwingenschlögl, U.; Schuster, C. and Grimes, R. W. (2012). Electronegativity and doping in semiconductors. Journal of Applied Physics, 112(4) article 046101.

Londos, C. A.; Aliprantis, D.; Sgourou, E. N.; Chroneos, A. and Pochet, P. (2012). Formation and evolution of oxygen-vacancy clusters in lead and tin doped silicon. Journal of Applied Physics, 111(12) article 123508.


Chroneos, A.; Londos, C. A. and Sgourou, E. N. (2011). Effect of tin doping on oxygen- and carbon-related defects in Czochralski silicon. Journal of Applied Physics, 110(9) article 093507. file

Impellizzeri, G.; Boninelli, S.; Priolo, F.; Napolitani, E.; Spinella, C.; Chroneos, A. and Bracht, H. (2011). Fluorine effect on As diffusion in Ge. Journal of Applied Physics, 109(11) article 113527. file

Pulikkotil, J. J.; Chroneos, A. and Schwingenschlögl, U. (2011). Structure of Sn1-xGex random alloys as obtained from the coherent potential approximation. Journal of Applied Physics, 110(3) article 036105. file

Schwingenschlögl, U.; Chroneos, A.; Schuster, C. and Grimes, R. W. (2011). Doping and cluster formation in diamond. Journal of Applied Physics, 110(5) article 056107. file


Chroneos, A. (2010). Dopant-vacancy cluster formation in germanium. Journal of Applied Physics, 107(7) article 076102. file

Chroneos, A. and Londos, C. A. (2010). Interaction of A-centers with isovalent impurities in silicon. Journal of Applied Physics, 107(9) article 093518.


Ashley, N. J.; Parfitt, D.; Chroneos, A. and Grimes, R. W. (2009). Mechanisms of nonstoichiometry in HfN1-x. Journal of Applied Physics, 106(8) article 083502. file

Brieva, A. C.; Alves, L.; Krishnamurthy, S. and Šiller, L. (2009). Gold surface with gold nitride-a surface enhanced Raman scattering active substrate. Journal of Applied Physics, 105(5) article 054302. file

Chroneos, A.; Grimes, R. W. and Bracht, H. (2009). Impact of germanium on vacancy clustering in germanium-doped silicon. Journal of Applied Physics, 105(1) article 016102. file

Chroneos, A.; Grimes, R. W. and Bracht, H. (2009). Fluorine codoping in germanium to suppress donor diffusion and deactivation. Journal of Applied Physics, 106(6) article 063707. file

Chroneos, Alexander (2009). Effect of germanium substrate loss and nitrogen on dopant diffusion in germanium. Journal of Applied Physics, 105(5) article 056101. file

Kube, R.; Bracht, H.; Chroneos, A.; Posselt, M. and Schmidt, B. (2009). Intrinsic and extrinsic diffusion of indium in germanium. Journal of Applied Physics, 106(6) article 063534. file


Bracht, Hartmut and Chroneos, Alexander (2008). The vacancy in silicon: a critical evaluation of experimental and theoretical results. Journal of Applied Physics, 104(7) article 076108. file

Chong, K. B.; Guiu, F. and Reece, M. J. (2008). Thermal activation of ferroelectric switching. Journal of Applied Physics, 103(1) article 014101. file

Chroneos, A. and Bracht, H. (2008). Concentration of intrinsic defects and self-diffusion in GaSb. Journal of Applied Physics, 104(9) article 093714. file

Chroneos, A.; Grimes, R. W.; Bracht, H. and Uberuaga, B. P. (2008). Engineering the free vacancy and active donor concentrations in phosphorus and arsenic double donor-doped germanium. Journal of Applied Physics, 104(11) article 113724. file


Krishnamurthy, S.; McGuinness, C.; Dorneles, L. S.; Venkatesan, M.; Coey, J. M. D.; Lunney, J. G.; Patterson, C. H.; Smith, K. E.; Learmonth, T.; Glans, P. -A.; Schmitt, T. and Guo, J. -H. (2006). Soft-x-ray spectroscopic investigation of ferromagnetic Co-doped ZnO. Journal of Applied Physics, 99(8) article 08M111.


Brok, W. J. M.; Bowden, M. D.; van Dijk, J.; van der Mullen, J. J. A. M. and Kroesen, G. M. W. (2005). Numerical description of discharge characteristics of the plasma needle. Journal of Applied Physics, 98(1) article 013302 (8 pages). file

Chao, Y.; Krishnamurthy, S.; Montalti, M.; Lie, L. H.; Houlton, A.; Horrocks, B. R.; Kjeldgaard , L.; Dhanak, V. R.; Hunt, M. R. C. and Šiller, L. (2005). Reactions and luminescence in passivated Si nanocrystallites induced by vacuum ultraviolet and soft-x-ray photons. Journal of Applied Physics, 98(4) article 044316 . file

Steuwer, A.; Withers, P. J.; Santisteban, J. R. and Edwards, L. (2005). Using pulsed neutron transmission for crystalline phase imaging and analysis. Journal of Applied Physics, 97(7) article 074903. file


Chong, K. B.; Kong, L. B.; Chen, L. F.; Yan, L.; Tan, C. Y.; Yang, T.; Ong, C. K. and Opsipowicz, T. (2004). Improvement of dielectric loss tangent of Al2O3 doped Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 thin films for tunable microwave devices. Journal of Applied Physics, 95(3) pp. 1416–1419. file


Carbucicchio, M.; Bennett, S.; Berry, Frank; Prezioso, M.; Rateo, M. and Turilli, G. (2003). Structural order and magnetic anisotropy transition in Co/Fe multilayers. Journal of Applied Physics, 93(10) pp. 7631–7633. file

Chrastina, D.; Hague, J. P. and Leadley, D. R. (2003). Application of Bryan's algorithm to the mobility spectrum analysis of semiconductor devices. Journal of Applied Physics, 94(10) pp. 6583–6590. file

Liu, X.W.; Hopgood, A.A.; Usher, B.F.; Wang, H. and Braithwaite, N.St.J. (2003). Formation of misfit dislocations in strained-layer GaAs/InxGa1–xAs/GaAs heterostructures during postfabrication thermal processing. Journal of Applied Physics, 94(12) pp. 7496–7501. file


Agazzi,, L.; Bennett, S.; Berry, F.J.; Carbucicchio, M.; Rateo, M.; Ruggiero, G. and Turilli, G. (2002). Magnetic interactions and interface properties in Co/Fe multilayers. Journal of Applied Physics, 92(6) pp. 3231–3234. file

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