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Anderson, Ryan; Bridges, J. C.; Williams, A.; Edgar, L.; Ollila, A.; Williams, J.; Nachon, M.; Mangold, N.; Fisk, M.; Schieber, J.; Gupta, S.; Dromart, G.; Wiens, R.; Le Mouélic, S.; Forni, O.; Lanza, N.; Mezzacappa, A.; Sautter, V.; Blaney, D.; Clark, B.; Clegg, S.; Gasnault, O.; Lasue, J.; Léveillé, R.; Lewin, E.; Lewis, K. W.; Maurice, S.; Newsom, H.; Schwenzer, S. P. and Vaniman, D. (2015). ChemCam results from the Shaler Outcrop in Gale Crater, Mars. Icarus, 249 pp. 2–21.

Atkinson, Karl R.; Zarnecki, John C.; Towner, Martin C.; Ringrose, Timothy J.; Hagermann, Axel; Ball, Andrew J.; Leese, Mark R.; Kargl, Gunter; Paton, Mark D.; Lorenz, Ralph D. and Green, Simon F. (2010). Penetrometry of granular and moist planetary surface materials: Application to the Huygens landing site on Titan. Icarus, 210(2) pp. 843–851. file

Balme, M. R.; Gallagher, C. J.; Page, D. P.; Murray, J. B. and Muller, J.-P. (2009). Sorted stone circles in Elysium Planitia, Mars: Implications for recent martian climate. Icarus, 200(1) pp. 30–38.

Balme, M. R.; Pathare, A.; Metzger, S. M.; Towner, M. C.; Lewis, S. R.; Spiga, A.; Fenton, L.; Renno, N. O.; Elliott, H. M.; Saca, F. A.; Michaels, T.; Russell, P. and Verdasca, J. (2012). Field measurements of horizontal forward motion velocities of terrestrial dust devils: towards a proxy for ambient winds on Mars and Earth. Icarus, 221(2) pp. 632–645. file

Battler, Melissa M.; Osinski, Gordon R.; Lim, Darlene S. S.; Davila, Alfonso F.; Michel, Frederick A.; Craig, Michael M.; Izawa, Matthew R. M.; Leoni, Lisa; Slater, Gregory F.; Fairen, Alberto G.; Preston, Louisa J. and Banerjee, Neil R. (2012). Characterization of the acidic cold seep emplaced jarositic Golden Deposit, NWT, Canada, as an analogue for jarosite deposition on Mars. Icarus, 224(2) pp. 382–398. file

Berman, Daniel C.; Balme, Matthew; Rafkin, Scot C. R. and Zimbelman, James R. (2011). Transverse aeolian ridges (TARs) on Mars II: distributions, orientations, and ages. Icarus, 213(1) pp. 116–130.

Böttger, H.M.; Lewis, S.R.; Read, P.L. and Forget, F. (2005). The effects of the martian regolith on GCM water cycle simulations. Icarus, 177(1) pp. 174–189.

Cockell, Charles S. and Barlow, Nadine G. (2002). Impact excavation and the search for subsurface life on Mars. Icarus, 155(2) pp. 340–349.

Cockell, Charles S. and Raven, John A. (2004). Zones of photosynthetic potential on Mars and the early Earth. Icarus, 169(2) pp. 300–310.

Cockell, Charles S.; Balme, Matt; Bridges, John C.; Davila, Alfonso and Schwenzer, Susanne P. (2012). Uninhabited habitats on Mars. Icarus, 217(1) pp. 184–193.

Cockell, Charles S.; Balme, Matt; Bridges, John C.; Davila, Alfonso and Schwenzer, Susanne P. (2012). Uninhabited habitats on Mars. Icarus, 217(1) pp. 184–193.

Conway, Susan J.; Lamb, Michael P.; Balme, Matthew R.; Towner, Martin C. and Murray, John B. (2011). Enhanced runout and erosion by overland flow at low pressure and subfreezing conditions: experiments and application to Mars. Icarus, 211(1) pp. 443–457.

Conway, Susan and Mangold, Nicolas (2013). Evidence for Amazonian mid-latitude glaciation on Mars from impact crater asymmetry. Icarus, 225 pp. 413–423. file

Conway, Susan J.; Balme, Matthew R.; Kreslavsky, Mikhail A.; Murray, John B. and Towner, Martin C. (2015). The comparison of topographic long profiles of gullies on Earth to gullies on Mars: a signal of water on Mars. Icarus, 253 pp. 189–204. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Conway, Susan J.; Hovius, Niels; Barnie, Talfan; Besserer, Jonathan; Le Mouélic, Stéphane; Orosei, Roberto and Read, Natalie Anne (2012). Climate-driven deposition of water ice and the formation of mounds in craters in Mars’ north polar region. Icarus, 220(1) pp. 174–193.

Cordoba-Jabonero, Carmen; Zorzano, Maria-Paz; Selsis, Franck; Patel, Manish and Cockell, Charles S. (2005). Radiative habitable zones in martian polar environments. Icarus, 175(2) pp. 360–371.

Davies, John K.; Harris, Alan W.; Rivkin, Andrew S.; Wolters, Stephen D.; Green, Simon F.; McBride, Neil; Mann, Rita K. and Kerr, Tom H. (2007). Near-infrared spectra of 12 Near-Earth Objects. Icarus, 186(1) pp. 111–125.

Davies, John K.; Tholen, David J.; Whiteley, Robert J.; Green, Simon F.; Hillier, Jon K.; Foster, Michael J.; McBride, Neil; Kerr, Tom. H and Muzzerall, Erica (2001). The Lightcurve and colors of unusual minor planet 1998 WU24. Icarus, 150(1) pp. 69–77.

de La Torre, Rosa; Sancho, Leopoldo G.; Horneck, Gerda; de los Ríos, Asunción; Wierzchos, Jacek; Olsson, Karen; Cockell, Charles; Rettberg, Petra; Berger, Thomas; de Vera, Jean-Pierre P.; Ott, Sieglinde; Frías, Jesus Martinez; Melendi, Pablo Gonzalez; Lucas, Maria Mercedes; Reina, Manuel; Pintado, Ana and Demets, René (2010). Survival of lichens and bacteria exposed to outer space conditions: results of the space Lithopanspermia experiment. Icarus, 208(2) pp. 735–748.

Economou, Thanasis E.; Green, Simon F.; Brownlee, Don E. and Clark, Ben C. (2013). Dust Flux Monitor Instrument measurements during Stardust-NExT Flyby of Comet 9P/Tempel 1. Icarus, 222(2) pp. 526–539. file

Foucher, Frédéric; Westall, Frances; Brandstätter, Franz; Demets, René; Parnell, John; Cockell, Charles S.; M. Edwards, Howell G.; Bény, Jean-Michel and Brack, André (2010). Testing the survival of microfossils in artificial martian sedimentary meteorites during entry into Earth's atmosphere: the STONE 6 experiment. Icarus, 207(2) pp. 616–630. file

Gallagher, Colman; Balme, Matthew; Conway, Susan and Grindrod, Peter (2011). Sorted clastic stripes, lobes and associated gullies in high-latitude craters on Mars: landforms indicative of very recent, polycyclic ground-ice thaw and liquid flows. Icarus, 211(1) pp. 458–471.

Giuranna, M.; Grassi, D.; Formisano, V.; Montabone, L.; Forget, F. and Zasova, L. (2008). PFS/MEX observations of the condensing CO2 south polar cap of Mars. Icarus, 197(2) pp. 386–402.

Hagermann, A.; Rosenberg, P. D.; Towner, M. C.; Garry, J. R. C.; Svedhem, H.; Leese, M. R.; Hathi, B.; Lorenz, R. D. and Zarnecki, J. C. (2007). Speed of sound measurements and the methane abundance in Titan's atmosphere. Icarus, 189(2) pp. 538–543.

Harrison, S. K.; Balme, M. R.; Hagermann, A.; Murray, J. P. and Muller, J-P. (2010). Mapping Medusae Fossae Formation materials in the southern highlands of Mars. Icarus, 209(2) pp. 405–415.

Hathi, B.; Ball, A. J.; Banaszkiewicz, M.; Daniell, P. M.; Garry, J. R. C.; Hagermann, A.; Leese, M. R.; Lorenz, R. D.; Rosenberg, P. D.; Towner, M. C. and Zarnecki, J. C. (2008). In situ thermal conductivity measurements of Titan's lower atmosphere. Icarus, 197(2) pp. 579–584.

Heißelmann , Daniel; Blum, Jürgen; Fraser, Helen J. and Wolling, Kristin (2010). Microgravity experiments on the collisional behavior of saturnian ring particles. Icarus, 206(2) pp. 424–430.

Hillier, J.K.; Green, S.F.; McBride, N.; Altobelli, N.; Kempf, S.; Postberg, F.; Schwanethal, J.; Srama, R.; McDonnell, J.A.M. and Gruen, E. (2007). Interplanetary dust detected by the Cassini CDA Chemical Analyser. Icarus, 190(2) pp. 643–654.

Hinson, David P.; Asmar, Sami W.; Kahan, Daniel S.; Akopian, Varoujan; Haberle, Robert M.; Spiga, Aymeric; Schofield, John T.; Kleinböhl, Armin; Abdou, Wedad A.; Lewis, Stephen R.; Paik, Meegyeong and Maalouf, Sami G. (2014). Initial results from radio occultation measurements with the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter: a nocturnal mixed layer in the tropics and comparisons with polar profiles from the Mars Climate Sounder. Icarus, 243 pp. 91–103. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Kossacki, Konrad J.; Markiewicz, Wojciech J.; Smith, Michael D.; Page, David and Murray, John (2006). Possible remnants of a frozen mud lake in southern Elysium, Mars. Icarus, 181(2) pp. 363–374. file

Lammer, H.; Wurz, P.; Patel, M.; Killen, R.; Kolb, C.; Massetti, S.; Orsini, S. and Milillo, A. (2003). The variability of Mercury's exosphere by particle and radiation induced surface release processes. Icarus, 166(2) pp. 238–247.

Lee, Christopher; Lewis, Stephen R. and Read, Peter L. (2010). A bulk cloud parameterization in a Venus General Circulation Model. Icarus, 206(2) pp. 662–668. file

Lewis, S. R.; Read, P. L.; Conrath, B. J.; Pearl, J. C. and Smith, M. D. (2007). Assimilation of thermal emission spectrometer atmospheric data during the Mars Global Surveyor aerobraking period. Icarus, 192(2) pp. 327–347. file

Martínez-Alvarado, Oscar; Moroz, Irene M.; Read, Peter L.; Lewis, Stephen and Montabone, Luca (2009). Low-order dynamical behaviour in the martian atmosphere: diagnosis of general circulation model results. Icarus, 204(1) pp. 48–62. file

Martínez-Alvarado, Oscar; Moroz, Irene M.; Read, Peter L.; Lewis, Stephen R. and Montabone, Luca (2009). Low-order dynamical behavior in the martian atmosphere: Diagnosis of general circulation model results. Icarus, 204(1) pp. 48–62. file

Mason, Jonathon; Patel, Manish R. and Lewis, Stephen R. (2013). Radiative transfer modelling of dust devils. Icarus, 223(1) pp. 1–10. file

Mason, Jonathon P.; Patel, Manish P. and Lewis, Stephen (2014). The retrieval of optical properties from terrestrial dust devil vortices. Icarus, 231 pp. 385–393. file

McBride, Neil; Green, Simon F.; Davies, John K.; Tholen, David J.; Sheppard, Scott S.; Whiteley, Robert J. and Hillier, Jon K. (2003). Visible and infrared photometry of Kuiper Belt objects: searching for evidence of trends. Icarus, 161(2) pp. 501–510.

Mendonça, João; Read, Peter L.; Wilson, Collin F. and Lewis, Stephen R. (2012). Zonal winds at high latitudes on Venus: An improved application of cyclostrophic balance to Venus Express observations. Icarus, 217(2) pp. 629–639. file

Metzger, S. M.; Balme, M. R.; Towner, M. C.; Bos, B. J.; Ringrose, T. J. and Patel, M. R. (2011). In situ measurements of particle load and transport in dust devils. Icarus, 214(2) pp. 766–772. file

Miljković, K.; Mason, N. J. and Zarnecki, J. C. (2011). Ejecta fragmentation in impacts into gypsum and water ice. Icarus, 214(2) pp. 739–747. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Montabone, L.; Lewis, S.R.; Read, P.L. and Hinson, D.P. (2006). Validation of martian meteorological data assimilation for MGS/TES using radio occultation measurements. Icarus, 185(1) pp. 113–132. file

Morlok, A.; Koike, C.; Tomioka, N.; Mann, I. and Tomeoka, K. (2010). Mid-infrared spectra of the shocked Murchison CM chondrite: comparison with astronomical observations of dust in debris disks. Icarus, 207(1) pp. 45–53. file

Morlok, Andreas; Koike, Chiyoe; Tomeoka, Kazushige; Mason, Andrew; Lisse, Carey; Anand, Mahesh and Grady, Monica (2012). Mid-infrared spectra of differentiated meteorites(achondrites): comparison with astronomical observations of dust in protoplanetary and debris disks. Icarus, 219(1) pp. 48–56. file

Mortimer, J.; Verchovsky, A. B.; Anand, M.; Gilmour, I. and Pillinger, C. T. (2014). Simultaneous analysis of abundance and isotopic composition of nitrogen, carbon, and noble gases in lunar basalts: insights into interior and surface processes on the Moon. Icarus (In press). file

Mulholland, David P.; Read, Peter L. and Lewis, Stephen R. (2013). Simulating the interannual variability of major dust storms on Mars using variable lifting thresholds. Icarus, 223(1) pp. 344–358. file

Murdoch, Naomi; Michel, Patrick; Richardson, Derek C.; Nordstrom, Kerstin; Berardi, Christian R.; Green, Simon F. and Losert, Wolfgang (2012). Numerical simulations of granular dynamics II: Particle dynamics in a shaken granular material. Icarus, 219(1) pp. 321–335. file

Narendranath, S. ; Athiray, P. S. ; Sreekumar, P. ; Kellett, B. J. ; Alha, L. ; Howe, C. J. ; Joy, K. H. ; Grande, M. ; Huovelin, J. ; Crawford, I. A. ; Unnikrishnan, U. ; Lalita, S. ; Subramaniam, S. ; Weider, S. Z. ; Nittler, L. R. ; Gasnault, O. ; Rothery, D.; Fernandes, V. A. ; Bhandari, N. ; Goswami, J. N. ; Wieczorek, M. A. ; C1XS Science Team, ; Anand, Mahesh; Holland, Andrew and Gow, Jason (2011). Lunar X-ray fluorescence observations by the Chandrayaan-1 X-ray Spectrometer (C1XS): results from the nearside southern highlands. Icarus, 214(1) pp. 53–66.

Newman, Claire E.; Lewis, Stephen R. and Read, Peter L. (2005). The atmospheric circulation and dust activity in different orbital epochs on Mars. Icarus, 174(1) pp. 135–160. file

Newsom, Horton E.; Mangold, Nicolas; Kah, Linda C.; Williams, Joshua M.; Arvidson, Ray E.; Stein, Nathan; Ollila, Ann M. ; Bridges, John C.; Schwenzer, Susanne P.; King, Penelope L.; Grant, John A.; Pinet, Patrick; Bridges, Nathan T.; Calef, Fred; Wiens, Roger C.; Spray, John G.; Vaniman, David T. ; Elston, Wolf E. ; Berger, Jeff A.; Garvin, James B.; Palucis, Marisa C. and MSL, Science Team (2015). Gale crater and impact processes – Curiosity’s first 364 Sols on Mars. Icarus, 249 pp. 108–128.

Osinski, Gordon R.; Tornabene, Livio L.; Banerjee, Neil R.; Cockell, Charles S.; Flemming, Roberta; Izawa, Matthew R. M.; McCutcheon, Jenine; Parnell, John; Preston, Louisa J.; Pickersgill, Annemarie E.; Pontefract, Alexandra; Sapers, Haley M. and Southam, Gordon (2013). Impact-generated hydrothermal systems on Earth and Mars. Icarus, 224(2) pp. 347–363. file

Page, David P. (2007). Recent low-latitude freeze-thaw on Mars. Icarus, 189(1) pp. 83–117.

Page, David P. and Murray, John B. (2006). Stratigraphical and morphological evidence for pingo genesis in the Cerberus plains. Icarus, 183(1) pp. 46–54.

Page, David P.; Balme, Matthew R. and Grady, Monica M. (2009). Dating martian climate change. Icarus, 203(2) pp. 376–389. file

Parnell, John; Bowden, Stephen A.; Muirhead, David; Blamey, Nigel; Westall, Frances; Domets, René; Verchovsky, Sasha; Brandstätter, Franz and Brack, André (2011). Preservation of organic matter in the STONE 6 artificial meteorite experiment. Icarus, 212(1) pp. 390–402.

Patel, Manish; Christou, A.A.; Cockell, Charles; Ringrose, Tim and Zarnecki, John (2004). The UV environment of the Beagle 2 landing site: detailed investigations and detection of atmospheric state. Icarus, 168(1) pp. 93–115.

Pathare, A. V.; Balme, M. R.; Meztger, S. M.; Spiga, A.; Towner, M. C.; Renno, N. O. and Saca, F. (2010). Assessing the power law hypothesis for the size-frequency distribution of terrestrial and martian dust devils. Icarus, 209(2) pp. 851–853.

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Preston, L. J.; Benedix, G. K.; Genge, M. J. and Sephton, M. K. (2008). A multidisciplinary study of silica sinter deposits with applications to silica identification and detection of fossil life on Mars. Icarus, 198(2) pp. 331–350. file

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Rothery, D. A. and Massironi, M. (2010). Beagle Rupes – evidence for a basal decollement of regional extent in Mercury's lithosphere. Icarus, 209(1) pp. 256–261. file

Schwenzer, Susanne P. and Kring, David A. (2013). Alteration minerals in impact-generated hydrothermal systems – exploring host rock variability. Icarus, 226(1) pp. 487–496.

Smith, T.B. (2001). A Model of orbital diffusion. Icarus, 151(1) pp. 123–129.

Soare, R. J.; Conway, S. J. and Dohm, J. M. (2014). Possible ice-wedge polygons and recent landscape modification by “wet” periglacial processes in and around the Argyre impact basin, Mars. Icarus, 233 pp. 214–228. file

Soare, R. J.; Conway, S. J.; Pearce, G. D.; Dohm, J. M. and Grindrod, P. M. (2013). Possible crater-based pingos, paleolakes and periglacial landscapes at the high latitudes of Utopia Planitia, Mars. Icarus, 225(2) pp. 971–981. file

Soare, Richard J.; Conway, Susan; Pearce, Geoffrey D.; Costard, François and Séjourné, Antoine (2013). Sub-kilometre (intra-crater) mounds in Utopia Planitia, Mars: character, occurrence and possible formation hypotheses. Icarus, 225(2) pp. 982–991.

Spiga, Aymeric; Forget, François; Madeleine, Jean-Baptiste; Montabone, Luca; Lewis, Stephen R. and Millour, Ehouarn (2011). The impact of martian mesoscale winds on surface temperature and on the determination of thermal inertia. Icarus, 212(2) pp. 504–519.

Steele, Liam J.; Lewis, Stephen R.; Patel, Manish R.; Montmessin, Franck; Forget, François and Smith, Michael D. (2014). The seasonal cycle of water vapour on Mars from assimilation of Thermal Emission Spectrometer data. Icarus, 237 pp. 97–115.

Stevens, Adam H.; Patel, Manish R. and Lewis, Stephen R. (2015). Numerical modelling of the transport of trace gases including methane in the subsurface of Mars. Icarus, 250 pp. 587–594. file

Stoffler, Deiter; Horneck, Gerda; Ott, Sieglinde; Hornemann, Ulrich; Cockell, Charles S.; Moeller, Ralf; Meyer, Cornelia; de Vera, Jean-Pierre; Fritz, Jorg and Artemieva, Natalia A. (2007). Experimental evidence for the potential impact ejection of viable microorganisms from Mars and Mars-like planets. Icarus, 186(2) pp. 585–588.

Thomas, Rebecca J.; Rothery, David A.; Conway, Susan J. and Anand, Mahesh (2014). Hollows on Mercury: materials and mechanisms involved in their formation. Icarus, 229 pp. 221–235. file

Towner, M.C.; Garry, J.R.C.; Lorenz, R.D.; Hagermann, A.; Hathi, B.; Svedhem, H.; Clark, B.C.; Leese, M.R. and Zarnecki, J.C. (2006). Physical properties of Titan's surface at the Huygens landing site from the Surface Science Package Acoustic Properties sensor (API-S). Icarus, 185(2) pp. 457–465.

Veverka, J.; Klaasen, K.; A’Hearn, M.; Belton, M.; Brownlee, D.; Chesley, S.; Clark, B.; Economou, T.; Farquhar, R.; Green, S. F.; Groussin, O.; Harris, A.; Kissel, J.; Li, J.-Y.; Meech, K.; Melosh, J.; Richardson, J.; Schultz, P.; Silen, J.; Sunshine, J.; Thomas, P.; Bhaskaran, S.; Bodewits, D.; Carcich, B.; Cheuvront, A.; Farnham, T.; Sackett, S.; Wellnitz, D. and Wolf, A. (2013). Return to Comet Tempel 1: Overview of Stardust-NExT results. Icarus, 222(2) pp. 424–435.

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Wolters, Stephen D.; Green, Simon F.; McBride, Neil and Davies, John K. (2005). Optical and thermal infrared observations of six near-Earth asteroids in 2002. Icarus, 175(1) pp. 92–110. file

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