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Frascione, Nunzianda; Codina-Barrios, Antonio; Bassindale, Alan R. and Taylor, Peter G. (2013). Enhancing in vitro selection techniques to assist the discovery, understanding and use of inorganic binding peptides. Dalton Transactions, 42(28) pp. 10337–10346.


Kalashnikova, Natalia A.; Bylikin, Sergey Yu.; Korlyukov, Aleksander A.; Shipov, Aleksander G.; Baukov, Yuri I.; Taylor, Peter G. and Bassindale, Alan R. (2012). Cationic complexes of silicon and germanium with (O,S)-chelate ligands. Dalton transactions , 2012(41) pp. 12681–12682.

Taylor, Peter G.; Bassindale, Alan R.; El Aziz, Youssef; Pourny, Manuel; Hursthouse, Michael B. and Coles, Simon J. (2012). Further studies of fluoride ion entrapment in octasilsesquioxane cages; X-ray crystal structure studies and factors that affect their formation. Dalton Transactions, 41(7) pp. 2048–2059.


Abbate, Vincenzo; Bassindale, Alan R; Brandstadt, Kurt F; Lawson, Rachel and Taylor, Peter G (2010). Enzyme mediated silicon-oxygen bond formation; the use of Rhizopus oryzae lipase, lysozyme and phytase under mild conditions. Dalton Transactions(39) pp. 9361–9368.

Abbate, Vincenzo; Bassindale, Alan R.; Brandstadt, Kurt F.; Lawson, Rachel and Taylor, Peter G. (2010). Enzyme mediated silicon–oxygen bond formation; the use of Rhizopus oryzae lipase, lysozyme and phytase under mild conditions. Dalton Transactions, 39(39) pp. 9361–9368.

Parameswaran Nampi, Padmaja; Moothetty, Padmanabhan; Berry, Frank John; Mortimer, Michael and Gopakumar Warrier, Krishna (2010). Aluminosilicates with varying alumina–silica ratios: synthesis via a hybrid sol–gel route and structural characterisation. Dalton Transactions, 39(21) pp. 5101–5107. file

Zhou, Tong; Zhang, Dou; Button, Tim W.; Berry, Frank and Greaves, Colin (2010). Substitution effects on the structural and magnetic behaviour of Na0.63CoO2. Dalton Transactions, 39(4) pp. 1089–1094. file


Chin, Aileen; Edgar, Mark; Harding, Charles J.; McKee, Vickie and Nelson, Jane (2009). A novel trisprotonated b-dialdiminate cryptand. Dalton Transactions, 2009 pp. 6315–6326.


Bruce, James; Borbas, K. Eszter and Bodi, Andras (2007). Near IR-emitting DNA-probes exploiting stepwise energy transfer processes. Dalton Transactions, 38 pp. 4352–4358.

Derossi, Sofia; Farrell, David T.; Harding, Charles J.; McKee, Vickie and Nelson, Jane (2007). N-methylation of macrobicycles reduces encapsulation ability. Dalton Transactions(18) pp. 1762–1772.


Farrell, David; Harding, Charles J.; McKee, Vickie and Nelson, Jane (2006). Effect of methylation on the coordination of copper by small azacryptands; the role of geometrically constrained hydrogen bonding in stabilizing terminally coordinated oxygen species. Dalton Transactions, 2006(26) pp. 3204–3211.


Bond, Andrew D.; Derossi, Sofia; Harding, Charles J.; McInnes, Eric J. L.; McKee, Vickie; McKenzie, Christine J.; Nelson, Jane and Wolowska, Joanna (2005). Cascade complexation: a single cyano bridge links a pair of Cu(II) cations. Dalton Transactions, 14 pp. 2403–2409.


Coyle, Joanne; Downard, Alison J.; Nelson, Jane; McKee, Vickie; Harding, Charles J. and Herbst-Irmer, Regine (2004). Electrochemistry of a labile average-valence dicopper system. Dalton Transactions(15) pp. 2357–2363.


Bassindale, Alan R.; Liu, Zhihua; MacKinnon, Iain A.; Taylor, Peter G.; Yang, Yuxing; Light, Mark E.; Horton, Peter N. and Hursthouse, Michael B. (2003). A higher yielding route for T8 silsesquioxane cages and X-ray crystal structures of some novel spherosilicates. Dalton Transactions, 14 pp. 2945–2949.

Dickins, Rachel S.; Parker, David; Bruce, James I. and Tozer, David J. (2003). Correlation of optical and NMR spectral information with coordination variation for axially symmetric macrocyclic Eu(III) and Yb(III) complexes: axial donor polarisability determines ligand field and cation donor preference. Dalton Transactions, 7 pp. 1264–1271.


Dussart, Yann; Harding, Charlie; Dalgaard, Pia; McKenzie, Christine; Kadirvelraj, Renuka; McKee, Vickie and Nelson, Jane (2002). Cascade chemistry in azacryptand cages: bridging carbonates and methylcarbonates. Dalton Transactions, 8 pp. 1704–1713.

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