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Pandey, R.; Ryszka, M.; da Fonseca Cunha, T.; Lalande, M.; Dampc, M.; Limão-Vieira, P.; Mason, N.J.; Poully, J.C. and Eden, S. (2017). Threshold behavior in metastable dissociation of multi-photon ionized thymine and uracil. Chemical Physics Letters, 684 pp. 233–238. file


Sivaraman, B.; Nair, B. G; Raja Sekhar, B. N.; Jones, N. C.; Hoffmann, S. V. and Mason, N. J. (2014). Electron impact dissociation and VUV photoabsorption of frozen formamide. Chemical Physics Letters, 608 pp. 404–407.

Sivaraman, B.; Nair, B. G.; Raja Sekhar, B.N.; Lo, J.-I.; Sridharan, R.; Cheng, B.-M. and Mason, N. J. (2014). Vacuum ultraviolet photoabsorption of pure solid ozone and its implication on the identification of ozone on Moon. Chemical Physics Letters, 603 pp. 33–36.


Sivaraman, B.; Raja Sekhar, B. N.; Jones, N. C.; Hoffmann, S. V. and Mason, N. J. (2012). VUV spectroscopy of formamide ices. Chemical Physics Letters, 554 pp. 57–59. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Chroneos, A.; Jiang, C.; Grimes, R. W. and Schwingenschlögl, U. (2010). Special quasirandom structures for binary/ternary group IV random alloys. Chemical Physics Letters, 493(1-3) pp. 97–102.

Chroneos, Alexander; Kube, R. V.; Bracht, H.; Grimes, R. W. and Schwingenschlögl, U. (2010). Vacancy-indium clusters in implanted germanium. Chemical Physics Letters, 490(1-3) pp. 38–40.

Stypczynska, Agnieszka; Ptasińska, Sylwia; Bahnev, Blagovest; Bowden, Mark; Braithwaite, Nicholas St. J. and Mason, Nigel J. (2010). The influence of amino acids on DNA damage induced by cold plasma radiation. Chemical Physics Letters, 500(4-6) pp. 313–317. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Sanche, Léon (2009). Role of secondary low energy electrons in radiobiology and chemoradiation therapy of cancer. Chemical Physics Letters, 474(1-3) pp. 1–6.


Abouaf, Robert; Ptasinska, Sylwia and Teillet-Billy, Dominique (2008). Low energy electron impact on gas phase 5-nitrouracil. Chemical Physics Letters, 455 pp. 169–173.

Sivaraman, B.; Ptasińska, S.; Jheeta, S. and Mason, N. J. (2008). Electron irradiation of solid nitrous oxide. Chemical Physics Letters, 460(1-3) pp. 108–111.


Bertin, M.; Caceres, D.; Lafosse, A.; Azria, R.; Davis, M. P.; Mason, N. J.; Balog, R. and Illenberger, E. (2007). Electron stimulated desorption of H− ions from condensed acetic acid. Chemical Physics Letters, 433(4-6) pp. 292–295.

Munoz, A.; Oller, J.C.; Blanco, F.; Gorfinkiel, J.D. and Garcia, G. (2007). Electron scattering cross sections and stopping powers in H2. Chemical Physics Letters, 433(4-6) pp. 253–258.


Gobet, F.; Eden, S.; Coupier, B.; Tabet, J.; Farizon, B.; Farizon, M.; Gaillard, M. J.; Ouaskit, S.; Carré, M. and Märk, T. D. (2006). Electron-loss and target ionization cross sections for water vapor by 20–150 keV neutral atomic hydrogen impact. Chemical Physics Letters, 421(1-3) pp. 68–71.


Mota, R.; Parafita, R.; Giuliani, A.; Hubin-Franskin, M.-J.; Lourenco, J. M. C.; Garcia, G.; Hoffmann, S. V.; Mason, N. J.; Ribeiro, P. A.; Raposo, M. and Limao-Vieira, P. (2005). Water VUV electronic state spectroscopy by synchrotron radiation. Chemical Physics Letters, 416(1-3) pp. 152–159.


Abdoul-Carime, Hassan; Limao-Vieira, Paulo; Gohlke, Sascha; Petrushko, Irina; Mason, Nigel J. and Illenberger, Eugen (2004). Sensitization of 5-bromouridine by slow electrons. Chemical Physics Letters, 393(4-6) pp. 442–447.

Grecea, M. L.; Backus, E. H. G.; Fraser, H. J.; Pradeep, T.; Kleyn, A. W. and Bonn, M. (2004). Mobility of haloforms on ice surfaces. Chemical Physics Letters, 385(3-4) pp. 244–248.


Alsindi, W. Z.; Gardner, D. O.; van Dishoeck, E. F. and Fraser, H. J. (2003). Formation of a CO-CH4 complex in thin solid films below 50 K. Chemical Physics Letters, 378(1-2) pp. 178–184.

Eden, S.; Limão-Vieira, P.; Hoffmann, S. V. and Mason, N. J. (2003). VUV photoabsorption by hexafluoropropene. Chemical Physics Letters, 379(1-2) pp. 170–176.

Limão-Vieira, P.; Eden, S.; Mason, N. J. and Hoffmann, S. V. (2003). Electronic state spectroscopy of acetaldehyde, CH3CHO, by high-resolution VUV photo-absorption. Chemical Physics Letters, 376(5-6) pp. 737–747.

Sailer, W.; Pelc, A.; Limão-Vieira, P.; Mason, N.J.; Limtrakul, J.; Scheier, P.; Probst, M. and Märk, T.D. (2003). Low energy electron attachment to CH3CN. Chemical Physics Letters, 381(1-2) pp. 216–222.

Williart, A.; Kendall, P.A.; Blanco, F.; Tegeder, P.; García, G. and Mason, N.J. (2003). Inelastic scattering and stopping power for electrons in O2 and O3 at intermediate and high energies, 0.3–5 keV. Chemical Physics Letters, 375(1-2) pp. 39–44.


Limão Viera, P.; Eden, S.; Kendall, P. A.; Mason, N. J. and Hoffmann, S. V. (2002). VUV photo-absorption cross-section for CCl2F2. Chemical Physics Letters, 364(5-6) pp. 535–541.

Limão-Vieira, P.; Eden, S.; Kendall, P. A.; Mason, N. J. and Hoffmann, S. V. (2002). High resolution VUV photoabsorption cross section for dimethylsulphide, (CH3)2S. Chemical Physics Letters, 366(3-4) pp. 343–349.

Pelc, Andrzej; Sailer, Wolfgang; Scheier, Paul; Probst, Michael; Mason, Nigel J.; Illenberger, Eugen and Märk, Tilmann D. (2002). Dissociative electron attachment to formic acid (HCOOH). Chemical Physics Letters, 361(3-4) pp. 277–284.

Sailer, W.; Drexel, H.; Pelc, A.; Grill, V.; Mason, N.J.; Illenberger, Eugen; Skalny, J.D.; Mitoviny, T.; Scheier, P. and Märk, T.D. (2002). Low energy electron attachment to SF5CF3. Chemical Physics Letters, 351(1-2) pp. 71–78.


Sailer, Wolfgang; Tegeder, Petra; Probst, Michael; Drexel, Herwig; Grill, Verena; Scheier, Paul; Mason, Nigel J.; Illenberger, Eugen and Mark, Tilmann D. (2001). Dissociation pathways in low energy (0–2 eV) electron attachment to Cl2O. Chemical Physics Letters, 344(5-6) pp. 471–478.


Moore, E. A. (2000). Absolute 15N shielding in dinitrogen trioxide: recalculation of the shielding tensors. Chemical Physics Letters, 317(3-5) pp. 360–364.


Moore, Elaine A.; Mortimer, Michael; Wigglesworth, Christopher and Williams, Martin A.K. (1999). The energy barrier to reorientationa motion of the triflouromethyl group in lithium trifluormathanesulphonate and its complex with poly(ethylene oxide): a comparison between modelling and NMR relaxation measurements. Chemical Physics Letters, 308(5-6) pp. 503–508.

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