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Chen, Gaoyun; Xu, Ying; Yu, Deng-Guang; Zhang, Dao-Fang; Chatterton, Nicholas P. and White, Kenneth N. (2015). Structure-tunable Janus fibers fabricated using spinnerets with varying port angles. Chemical Communications, 51(22) pp. 4623–4626. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Chen, Gaoyun; Sarris, Jason L.; Wardle, Nicholas J.; Bligh, S. W. Annie and Chatterton, Nicholas P. (2012). A chemically unlocked binary molecular switch. Chemical Communications, 48(72) pp. 9026–9028. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Atwood, Jerry L.; Brechin, Euan K.; Dalgarno, Scott J.; Inglis, Ross; Jones, Leigh F.; Mossine, Andrew; Paterson, Martin J.; Power, Nicholas P. and Teat, Simon J. (2010). Magnetism in metal–organic capsules. Chemical Communications, 46(20) pp. 3484–3486.

Bassindale, Alan R.; Sohail, M.; Taylor, Peter G.; Korlyukov, Alexander A. and Arkhipov, Dmitry E. (2010). Four independent structures of a pentacoordinate silicon species at different points on the Berry pseudorotation pathway. Chemical Communications, 46(19) pp. 3274–3276.

Maerz, Andrew K.; Thomas, Haunani M.; Power, Nicholas P.; Deakyne, Carol A. and Atwood, Jerry L. (2010). Dimeric nanocapsule induces conformational change. Chemical Communications, 46(8) pp. 1235–1237.


Bassindale, Alan R.; Liu, Zhihua; Taylor, Peter G.; Horton, Peter N. and Hursthouse, Michael B. (2008). A simple route to novel D spherosilicones; the first crystallographic structures of D6 and D8 cages. Chemical Communications, 43 pp. 5625–5627. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Dalgarno, Scott J.; Power, Nicholas P.; Warren, John E. and Atwood, Jerry L. (2008). Rapid formation of metal–organic nano-capsules gives new insight into the self-assembly process. Chemical Communications(13) pp. 1539–1541.


Bassindale, Alan R; Codina Barrios, Antonio; Frascione, Nunzianda and Taylor, Peter G. (2007). An improved phage display methodology for inorganic nanoparticle fabrication. Chemical Communications(28) pp. 2956–2958.

Dalgarno, Scott J.; Power, Nicholas P. and Atwood, Jerry L. (2007). Ionic dimeric pyrogallol[4]arene capsules. Chemical Communications(33) pp. 3447–3449.


Borbas, K. Eszter and Bruce, James I. (2006). Synthesis of asymmetrically substituted 1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecanes for the triggered near infrared emission from lanthanide complexes. Chemical Communications, 44 pp. 4596–4598.

Dalgarno, Scott J.; Power, Nicholas P.; Antesberger, Jochen; McKinlay, Robert M. and Atwood, Jerry L. (2006). Synthesis and structural characterisation of lower rim halogenated pyrogallol[4]arenes: bi-layers and hexameric nano-capsules. Chemical Communications(36) pp. 3803–3805.

Pivnevi, Levan; Dobbs, Adrian P.; Penny, Mark J.; Martinović, Sasa; Iley, James N. and Stephenson, Peter T. (2006). Monofluorinated di- and tetrahydropyrans via Prins-type cyclisations. Chemical Communications pp. 3134–3136.

Scherer, Wolfgang; Eickerling, Georg; Tafipolsky, Maxim; McGrady, G. Sean; Sirsch, Peter and Chatterton, Nicholas P. (2006). Elucidation of the bonding in Mn(η2-SiH) complexes by charge density analysis and T1 NMR measurements: asymmetric oxidative addition and anomeric effects at silicon. Chemical Communications(28) pp. 2986–2988. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Surble, Suzy; Millange, Franck; Serre, Christian; Ferey, Gerard and Walton, Richard I. (2006). An EXAFS study of the formation of a nanoporous metal–organic framework: evidence for the retention of secondary building units during synthesis. Chemical Communications, 14 pp. 1518–1520.


Bassindale, Alan R.; MacKinnon, Iain A.; Maesano, Maria G. and Taylor, Peter G. (2003). The Preparation of hexasilsesquioxane (T6) cages by "non aqueous" hydrolysis of trichlorosilanes. Chemical Communications, 12 pp. 1382–1383.

Hill, Roger R.; Moore, Sharon A. and Roberts, David R. (2003). Competitive electron transfers from a tyrosyl side-chain and peptide bond in the photodegradation of N-tosyl alpha-aminomethylamides: an insight into photosynthesis and photodamage in the biological oxidation of water? Chemical Communications(22) pp. 2838–2839.

Miyaji, Hidekazu; Collinson, Simon R.; Prokeš, Ivan and Tucker, James H. R. (2003). A ditopic ferrocene receptor for anions and cations that functions as a chromogenic molecular switch. Chemical Communications, 2003(1) pp. 64–65.


Aime, Silvio; Enzo, Terreno; Botta, Mauro; Bruce, James I.; Parker, David and Mainero, Valentina (2001). Modulation of the water exchange rates in [Gd-DO3A] complex by formation of ternary complexes with carboxylate ligands. Chemical Communications(1) pp. 115–116.

Bruce, James I.; Parker, David and Tozer, David J. (2001). Experimental assessment of lanthanide ion donor preference: spectroscopic and theoretical dissection of static charge and dynamic polarisation contributions to axial ligation in a C-4-symmetric chiral europium complex. Chemical Communications(21) pp. 2250–2251.

Collinson, Simon R.; Gelbrich, T.; Hursthouse, Michael B. and Tucker, James H. R. (2001). Novel ferrocene receptors for barbiturates and ureas. Chemical Communications(6) pp. 555–556.


Johnson, Clive; Moore, Elaine A. and Mortimer, Michael (2000). An assignment of the 23Na MAS NMR spectrum of Na5P3O10·6H2O using a general ab initio method. Chemical Communications, 9 pp. 791–792.

Pidwell, Andrew D.; Collinson, Simon R.; Coles, Simon J.; Hursthouse, Michael B.; Schröder, Martin and Bruce, Duncan W. (2000). The synthesis and properties of surfactant aza macrocycles. Chemical Communications(11) pp. 955–956.

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