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Chen, Gaoyun; Xu, Ying; Yu, Deng-Guang; Zhang, Dao-Fang; Chatterton, Nicholas P. and White, Kenneth N. (2015). Structure-tunable Janus fibers fabricated using spinnerets with varying port angles. Chemical Communications, 51(22) pp. 4623–4626. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Chen, Gaoyun; Sarris, Jason L.; Wardle, Nicholas J.; Bligh, S. W. Annie and Chatterton, Nicholas P. (2012). A chemically unlocked binary molecular switch. Chemical Communications, 48(72) pp. 9026–9028. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Bassindale, Alan R.; Sohail, M.; Taylor, Peter G.; Korlyukov, Alexander A. and Arkhipov, Dmitry E. (2010). Four independent structures of a pentacoordinate silicon species at different points on the Berry pseudorotation pathway. Chemical Communications, 46(19) pp. 3274–3276.


Bassindale, Alan R.; Liu, Zhihua; Taylor, Peter G.; Horton, Peter N. and Hursthouse, Michael B. (2008). A simple route to novel D spherosilicones; the first crystallographic structures of D6 and D8 cages. Chemical Communications, 43 pp. 5625–5627. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Bassindale, Alan R; Codina Barrios, Antonio; Frascione, Nunzianda and Taylor, Peter G. (2007). An improved phage display methodology for inorganic nanoparticle fabrication. Chemical Communications(28) pp. 2956–2958.


Borbas, K. Eszter and Bruce, James I. (2006). Synthesis of asymmetrically substituted 1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecanes for the triggered near infrared emission from lanthanide complexes. Chemical Communications, 44 pp. 4596–4598.

Pivnevi, Levan; Dobbs, Adrian P.; Penny, Mark J.; Martinovi?, Sasa; Iley, James N. and Stephenson, Peter T. (2006). Monofluorinated di- and tetrahydropyrans via Prins-type cyclisations. Chemical Communications pp. 3134–3136.

Scherer, Wolfgang; Eickerling, Georg; Tafipolsky, Maxim; McGrady, G. Sean; Sirsch, Peter and Chatterton, Nicholas P. (2006). Elucidation of the bonding in Mn(?2-SiH) complexes by charge density analysis and T1 NMR measurements: asymmetric oxidative addition and anomeric effects at silicon. Chemical Communications(28) pp. 2986–2988. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Surble, Suzy; Millange, Franck; Serre, Christian; Ferey, Gerard and Walton, Richard I. (2006). An EXAFS study of the formation of a nanoporous metalorganic framework: evidence for the retention of secondary building units during synthesis. Chemical Communications, 14 pp. 1518–1520.


Bassindale, Alan R.; MacKinnon, Iain A.; Maesano, Maria G. and Taylor, Peter G. (2003). The Preparation of hexasilsesquioxane (T6) cages by "non aqueous" hydrolysis of trichlorosilanes. Chemical Communications, 12 pp. 1382–1383.

Hill, Roger R.; Moore, Sharon A. and Roberts, David R. (2003). Competitive electron transfers from a tyrosyl side-chain and peptide bond in the photodegradation of N-tosyl alpha-aminomethylamides: an insight into photosynthesis and photodamage in the biological oxidation of water? Chemical Communications(22) pp. 2838–2839.

Miyaji, Hidekazu; Collinson, Simon R.; Proke, Ivan and Tucker, James H. R. (2003). A ditopic ferrocene receptor for anions and cations that functions as a chromogenic molecular switch. Chemical Communications, 2003(1) pp. 64–65.


Aime, Silvio; Enzo, Terreno; Botta, Mauro; Bruce, James I.; Parker, David and Mainero, Valentina (2001). Modulation of the water exchange rates in [Gd-DO3A] complex by formation of ternary complexes with carboxylate ligands. Chemical Communications(1) pp. 115–116.

Bruce, James I.; Parker, David and Tozer, David J. (2001). Experimental assessment of lanthanide ion donor preference: spectroscopic and theoretical dissection of static charge and dynamic polarisation contributions to axial ligation in a C-4-symmetric chiral europium complex. Chemical Communications(21) pp. 2250–2251.

Collinson, Simon R.; Gelbrich, T.; Hursthouse, Michael B. and Tucker, James H. R. (2001). Novel ferrocene receptors for barbiturates and ureas. Chemical Communications(6) pp. 555–556.


Pidwell, Andrew D.; Collinson, Simon R.; Coles, Simon J.; Hursthouse, Michael B.; Schrder, Martin and Bruce, Duncan W. (2000). The synthesis and properties of surfactant aza macrocycles. Chemical Communications(11) pp. 955–956.

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