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Eiroa, C.; Marshall, J. P.; Mora, A.; Montesinos, B.; Absil, O.; Augereau, J. Ch.; Bayo, A.; Bryden, G.; Danchi, W.; del Burgo, C.; Ertel, S.; Fridlund, M.; Heras, A. M.; Krivov, A. V.; Launhardt, R.; Liseau, R.; Löhne, T.; Maldonado, J.; Pilbratt, G. L.; Roberge, A.; Rodmann, J.; Sanz-Forcada, J.; Solano, E.; Stapelfeldt, K.; Thébault, P.; Wolf, S.; Ardila, D.; Arévalo, M.; Beichmann, C.; Faramaz, V.; González-García, B. M.; Gutiérrez, R.; Lebreton, J.; Martínez-Arnáiz, R.; Meeus, G.; Montes, D.; Olofsson, G.; Su, K. Y. L.; White, G. J.; Barrado, D.; Fukagawa, M.; Grün, E.; Kamp, I.; Lorente, R.; Morbidelli, A.; Müller, S.; Mutschke, H.; Nakagawa, T.; Ribas, I. and Walker, H. (2013). DUst around NEarby Stars. The survey observational results. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 555, article no. A11. file

Ertel, S.; Marshall, J. P.; Augereau, J.-C.; Krivov, A. V.; Löhne, T.; Eiroa, C.; Mora, A.; del Burgo, C.; Montesinos, B.; Bryden, G.; Danchi, W.; Kirchschlager, F.; Liseau, R.; Maldonado, J.; Pilbratt, G. L.; Schüppler, Ch.; Thébault, Ph.; White, Glenn and Wolf, S. (2014). Potential multi-component structure of the debris disk around HIP 17439 revealed by Herschel/DUNES. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 561, article no. A114. file

Faramaz, V.; Beust, H.; Thébault, P.; Augereau, J.-C.; Bonsor, A.; del Burgo, C.; Ertel, S.; Marshall, J. P.; Milli, J.; Montesinos, B.; Mora, A.; Bryden, G.; Danchi, W.; Eiroa, C.; White, G. J. and Wolf, S. (2014). Can eccentric debris disks be long-lived? A first numerical investigation and application to ζ2 Reticuli. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 563, article no. A72. file

Gómez Maqueo Chew, Y.; Faedi, F.; Pollacco, D.; Brown, D. J. A.; Doyle, A. P.; Collier Cameron, A.; Gillon, M.; Lendl, M.; Smalley, B.; Triaud, A. H. M. J.; West, R. G.; Wheatley, P. J.; Busuttil, R.; Liebig, C.; Anderson, D. R.; Armstrong, D. J.; Barros, S. C. C.; Bento, J.; Bochinski, Jakub; Burwitz, V.; Delrez, L.; Enoch, B.; Fumel, A.; Haswell, C. A.; Hébrard, G.; Hellier, C.; Holmes, S.; Jehin, E.; Kolb, U.; Maxted, P. F. L.; McCormac, J.; Miller, G. R. M.; Norton, A. J.; Pepe, F.; Queloz, D.; Rodríguez, J.; Ségransan, D.; Skillen, I.; Stassun, K. G.; Udry, S. and Watson, C. (2013). Discovery of WASP-65b and WASP-75b: two hot Jupiters without highly inflated radii. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 559, article no. A36.

Lebouteiller, V.; Sloan, G. C.; Groenewegen, M. A. T.; Matsuura, M.; Riebel, D.; Whelan, D. G.; Bernard-Salas, J.; Massey, P. and Bayet, E. (2012). Oxygen-rich dust production in IC 10. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 546, article no. A94. file

Lohr, M. E.; Hodgkin, S. T.; Norton, A. J. and Kolb, U. C. (2014). Parameters of two low-mass contact eclipsing binaries near the short-period limit. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 563, article no. A34. file

Lohr, M. E.; Norton, A. J.; Kolb, U. C. and Boyd, D. R. S. (2013). One, two, or three stars? An investigation of an unusual eclipsing binary candidate undergoing dramatic period changes. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 558, article no. A71.

Lowry, S. C.; Weissman, P. R.; Duddy, S. R.; Rozitis, B.; Fitzsimmons, A.; Green, S.; Hicks, M. D.; Snodgrass, C.; Wolters, S. D.; Chesley, S. R.; Pittichová, J. and van Oers, P. (2014). The internal structure of asteroid (25143) Itokawa as revealed by detection of YORP spin-up. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 562, article no. A48. file

Marshall, J. P.; Krivov, A. V.; del Burgo, C.; Eiroa, C.; Mora, A.; Montesinos, B.; Ertel, S.; Bryden, G.; Liseau, R.; Augereau, J.-C.; Bayo, A.; Danchi, W.; Löhne, T.; Maldonado, J.; Pilbratt, G. L.; Stapelfeldt, K.; Thebault, P.; White, G. J. and Wolf, S. (2013). Herschel observations of the debris disc around HIP 92043. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 557, article no. A58. file

Marshall, J. P.; Moro-Martín, A.; Eiroa, C.; Kennedy, G.; Mora, A.; Sibthorpe, B.; Lestrade, J.-F.; Maldonado, J.; Sanz-Forcada, J.; Wyatt, M. C.; Matthews, B.; Horner, J.; Montesinos, B.; Bryden, G.; del Burgo, C.; Greaves, J. S.; Ivison, R. J.; Meeus, G.; Olofsson, G.; Pilbratt, G. L. and White, G. J. (2014). Correlations between the stellar, planetary, and debris components of exoplanet systems observed by Herschel. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 565, article no. A15. file

Pontoppidan, K. M.; Fraser, H. J.; Dartois, E.; Thi, W.-F.; van Dishoeck, E. F.; Boogert, A. C. A.; d’Hendecourt, L.; Tielens, A. G. G. M. and Bisschop, S. E. (2003). A 3-5 μm VLT spectroscopic survey of embedded young low mass stars I : structure of the CO ice. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 408(3) pp. 981–1007.

Pottasch, S. R. and Bernard-Salas, J. (2013). Dust properties in the Galactic bulge. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 550, article no. A35. file

Pottasch, S. T.; Surendiranath, R. and Bernard-Salas, J. (2011). Abundances in planetary nebulae: NGC 1535, NGC 6629, He2-108, and Tc1. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 531, article no. A23. file

Roy, A.; André, Ph.; Palmeirim, P.; Attard, M.; Könyves, V.; Schneider, N.; Peretto, N.; Men’shchikov, A.; Ward-Thompson, D.; Kirk, J.; Griffin, M.; Marsh, K.; Abergel, A.; Arzoumanian, D.; Benedettini, M.; Hill, T.; Motte, F.; Nguyen Luong, Q.; Pezzuto, S.; Rivera-Ingraham, A.; Roussel, H.; Rygl, K. L. J.; Spinoglio, L.; Stamatellos, D. and White, G. (2014). Reconstructing the density and temperature structure of prestellar cores from Herschel data: a case study for B68 and L1689B. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 562, article no. A138. file

Rozitis, B.; Duddy, S. R.; Green, S. and Lowry, S. C. (2013). A thermophysical analysis of the (1862) Apollo Yarkovsky and YORP effects. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 555, article no. A20. file

Russeil, D.; Schneider, N.; Anderson, L. D.; Zavagno, A.; Molinari, S.; Persi, P.; Bontemps, S.; Motte, F.; Ossenkopf, V.; André, Ph.; Arzoumanian, D.; Bernard, J.-Ph.; Deharveng, L.; Didelon, P.; Di Francesco, J.; Elia, D.; Hennemann, M.; Hill, T.; Könyves, V.; Li, J. Z.; Martin, P. G.; Nguyen Luong, Q.; Peretto, N.; Pezzuto, S.; Polychroni, D.; Roussel, H.; Rygl, K. L. J.; Spinoglio, L.; Testi, L.; Tigé, J.; Vavrek, R.; Ward-Thompson, D. and White, G. (2013). The Herschel view of the massive star-forming region NGC 6334. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 554, article no. A42. file

Smalley, B.; Southworth, J.; Pintado, O. I.; Gillon, M.; Holdsworth, D. L.; Anderson, D. R.; Barros, S. C. C.; Collier Cameron, A.; Delrez, L.; Faedi, F.; Haswell, C. A.; Hellier, C.; Horne, K.; Jehin, E.; Maxted, P. F. L.; Norton, A. J.; Pollacco, D.; Skillen, I.; Smith, A. M. S.; West, R. G. and Wheatley, P. J. (2014). On the incidence of eclipsing Am binary systems in the SuperWASP survey. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 564, article no. A69. file

Suutarinen, A.; Haikala, L.K.; Harju, J.; Juvela, M.; André, Ph.; Kirk, J.M.; Könyves, V. and White, G. J. (2013). Determination of the far-infrared dust opacity in a prestellar core. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 555, article no. A140. file

Thi, W.-F.; Pinte, C.; Pantin, E.; Augereau, J. C.; Meeus, G.; Ménard, F.; Martin-Zaïdi, C.; Woitke, P.; Riviere-Marichalar, P.; Kamp, I.; Carmona, A.; Sandell, G.; Eiroa, C.; Dent, W.; Montesinos, B.; Aresu, G.; Meijerink, R.; Spaans, M.; White, G.J.; Ardila, D.; Lebreton, J.; Mendigutía, I. and Brittain, S. (2014). Gas lines from the 5-Myr old optically thin disk around HD 141569A. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 561 A50. file

Tremblin, P.; Minier, V.; Schneider, N.; Audit, E.; Hill, T.; Didelon, P.; Peretto, N.; Arzoumanian, D.; Motte, F.; Zavagno, A.; Bontemps, S.; Anderson, L. D.; André, Ph.; Bernard, J. P.; Csengeri, T.; Di Francesco, J.; Elia, D.; Hennemann, M.; Könyves, V.; Marston, A. P.; Nguyen Luong, Q.; Rivera-Ingraham, A.; Roussel, H.; Sousbie, T.; Spinoglio, L.; White, G.J. and Williams, J. (2013). Pillars and globules at the edges of HII regions: confronting Herschel observations and numerical simulations. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 560, article no. A19. file

Tremblin, P.; Schneider, N.; Minier, V.; Didelon, P.; Hill, T.; Anderson, L. D.; Motte, F.; Zavagno, A.; André, Ph.; Arzoumanian, D.; Audit, E.; Benedettini, M.; Bontemps, S.; Csengeri, T.; Di Francesco, J.; Giannini, T.; Hennemann, M.; Nguyen Luong, Q.; Marston, A. P.; Peretto, N.; Rivera-Ingraham, A.; Russeil, D.; Rygl, K. L. J.; Spinoglio, L. and White, G. J. (2014). Ionization compression impact on dense gas distribution and star formation: probability density functions around H II regions as seen by Herschel. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 564, article no. A106. file

Wiegert, J.; Liseau, R.; Thébault, P.; Olofsson, G.; Mora, A.; Bryden, G.; Marshall, J. P.; Eiroa, C.; Montesinos, B.; Ardila, D.; Augereau, J. C.; Bayo Aran, A.; Danchi, W. C.; del Burgo, C.; Ertel, S.; Fridlund, M. C. W.; Hajigholi, M.; Krivov, A. V.; Pilbratt, G. L.; Roberge, A.; White, G.J. and Wolf, S. (2014). How dusty is α Centauri? Excess or non-excess over the infrared photospheres of main-sequence stars. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 563, article no. A102. file

Ysard, N.; Abergel, A.; Ristorcelli, I.; Juvela, M.; Pagani, L.; Könyves, V.; Spencer, L.; White, G. and Zavagno, A. (2013). Variation in dust properties in a dense filament of the Taurus molecular complex (L1506). Astronomy & Astrophysics, 559, article no. A133. file

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