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Lim, Sungwoo; Vibha, Vibha; Anand, Mahesh and Taylor, Lawrence (2017). Extra-terrestrial construction processes - advancements, opportunities and challenges. Advances in Space Research (Accepted Manuscript Online). restricted access item, not available for direct download

Sordini, R.; Della Corte, V.; Rotundi, A.; Rotunno, S.; Ferrari, M.; Ivanovski, S.L.; Colangeli, L.; Palumbo, P.; Lopez-Moreno, J.J.; Rodriguez, J.; Fulle, M.; Green, S.F.; Mazzotta-Epifani, E.; Morales, R.; Accolla, M.; Palomba, E.; Cosi, M.; Herranz, M. and Liuzzi, V. (2017). GIADA performance during Rosetta mission scientific operations at comet 67P. Advances in Space Research (Early Access). restricted access item, not available for direct download


Michel, Patrick; Cheng, A.; Küppers, M.; Pravec, P.; Blum, J.; Delbo, M.; Green, S. F.; Rosenblatt, P.; Tsiganis, K.; Vincent, J.B.; Biele, J.; Ciarletti, V.; Hérique, A.; Ulamec, S.; Carnelli, I.; Galvez, A.; Benner, L.; Naidu, S.P.; Barnouin, O.S.; Richardson, D.C.; Rivkin, A.; Scheirich, P.; Moskovitz, N.; Thirouin, A.; Schwartz, S.R.; Campo Bagatin, A. and Yu, Y. (2016). Science case for the Asteroid Impact Mission (AIM): A component of the Asteroid Impact & Deflection Assessment (AIDA) mission. Advances in Space Research, 57(12) pp. 2529–2547. file

Paton, M.D.; Green, S. F.; Ball, A. J.; Zarnecki, J. C. and Hagermann, A. (2016). Detection of structure in asteroid analogue materials and Titan’s regolith by a landing spacecraft. Advances in Space Research, 58(3) pp. 415–437. file


Paton, M. D.; Green, S. F.; Ball, A. J.; Zarnecki, J. C. and Harri, A.-M. (2015). Using the inertia of spacecraft during landing to penetrate regoliths of the Solar System. Advances in Space Research, 56(6) pp. 1242–1263. file

Potts, Nicola J.; Gullikson, Amber L.; Curran, Natalie M.; Dhaliwal, Jasmeet K.; Leader, Mark K.; Rege, Rushal N.; Klaus, Kurt K. and Kring, David A. (2015). Robotic traverse and sample return strategies for a lunar farside mission to the Schrödinger basin. Advances in Space Research, 55(4) pp. 1241–1254. restricted access item, not available for direct download


Antonenko, I.; Osinski, G. R.; Battler, M.; Beauchamp, M.; Cupelli, L.; Chanou, A.; Francis, R.; Mader, M. M.; Marion, C.; McCullough, E.; Pickersgill, A. E.; Preston, L. J.; Shankar, B.; Unrau, T. and Veillette, D. (2012). Issues of geologically-focused situational awareness in robotic planetary missions: lessons from an analogue mission at Mistastin Lake impact structure, Labrador, Canada. Advances in Space Research, 52(2) pp. 272–284. file

Ehrenfreund, Pascale; McKay, Chris; Rummel, John D.; Foing, Bernard H.; Neal, Clive R.; Masson-Zwaan, Tanja; Ansdell, Megan; Peter, Nicolas; Zarnecki, John; Mackwell, Steve; Perino, Maria Antionetta; Billings, Linda; Mankins, John and Race, Margaret (2012). Toward a global space exploration program: a stepping stone approach. Advances in Space Research, 49(1) pp. 2–48.

Moores, John E.; Francis, Raymond; Mader, Marianne; Osinski, G. R.; Barfoot, T.; Barry, N.; Basic, G.; Battler, M.; Beauchamp, M.; Blain, S.; Bondy, M.; Capitan, R-D.; Chanou, A.; Clayton, J.; Cloutis, E.; Daly, M.; Dickinson, C.; Dong, H.; Flemming, R.; Furgale, P.; Gammel, J.; Gharfoor, N.; Hussein, M.; Grieve, R.; Henrys, H.; Jaziobedski, P.; Lambert, A.; Leung, K.; Marion, C.; McCullough, E.; McManus, C.; Neish, C. D.; Ng, H. K.; Ozaruk, A.; Pickersgill, A.; Preston, L. J.; Redman, D.; Sapers, H.; Shankar, B.; Singleton, A.; Souders, K.; Stenning, B.; Stooke, P.; Sylvester, P. and Tornabene, L. (2012). A mission control architecture for robotic lunar sample return as field tested in an analogue deployment to the Sudbury impact structure. Advances in Space Research, 50(12) pp. 1666–1686. file

Sheridan, Simon; Bardwell, Max; Morse, Andrew and Morgan, Geraint (2012). A carbon nano tube electron impact ionisation source for low-power, compact spacecraft mass spectrometers. Advances in Space Research, 49(8) 1245 -1252.


Gowen, R. A.; Smith, A.; Fortes, A. D.; Barber, S.; Brown, P.; Church, P.; Collinson, G.; Coates, A. J.; Collins, G.; Crawford, I. A.; Dehant, V.; Chela-Flores, J.; Griffiths, A. D.; Grindrod, P. M.; Gurvits, L. I.; Hagermann, A.; Hussmann, H.; Jaumann, R.; Jones, A. P.; Joy, K. H.; Karatekin, O.; Miljkovic, K.; Palomba, E.; Pike, W. T.; Prieto-Ballesteros, O.; Raulin, F.; Sephton, M. A.; Sheridan, S.; Sims, M.; Storrie-Lombardi, M. C.; Ambrosi, R.; Fielding, J.; Fraser, G.; Gao, Y.; Jones, G. H.; Kargl, G.; Karl, W. J.; Macagnano, A.; Mukherjee, A.; Muller, J. P.; Phipps, A.; Pullan, D.; Richter, L.; Sohl, F.; Snape, J.; Sykes, J. and Wells, N. (2011). Penetrators for in situ subsurface investigations of Europa. Advances in Space Research, 48(4) pp. 725–742.


Paton, M. D.; Kargl, G.; Ball, A. J.; Green, S. F.; Hagermann, A.; Kömle, N. I.; Thiel, M. and Zarnecki, J. C. (2010). Computer modelling of a penetrator thermal sensor. Advances in Space Research, 46(3) pp. 337–345. file


Ball, Andrew J.; Price, Michael E.; Walker, Roger J.; Dando, Glyn C.; Wells, Nigel S. and Zarnecki, John C. (2009). Mars Phobos and Deimos Survey (M-PADS)–A Martian Moons Orbiter and Phobos Lander. Advances in Space Research, 43(1) pp. 120–127. file

Ball, Andrew J.; Price, Michael E.; Walker, Roger J.; Dando, Glyn C.; Wells, Nigel S. and Zarnecki, John C. (2009). Mars Phobos and Deimos Survey (M-PADS) – A martian Moons orbiter and Phobos lander. Advances in Space Research, 43(1) pp. 120–127.

Ball, Andrew J.; Ulamec, Stephan; Dachwald, Bernd; Price, Michael E.; Nadalini, Riccardo; Luethi, Benjamin; Wolters, Stephen D.; Sheridan, Simon; Green, Simon F.; Zarnecki, John C.; D’Arrigo, Paolo; Seiferlin, Karsten; Kargl, Günter and Goerke, Nils (2009). A small mission for in situ exploration of a primitive binary near-Earth asteroid. Advances in Space Research, 43(2) pp. 317–324.


Cockell, Charles S. (2008). Interstellar planetary protection. Advances in Space Research, 42(6) pp. 1161–1165.


Hagermann, A.; Ball, A.J.; Hathi, B.; Leese, M.R.; Lorenz, R.D.; Rosenberg, P.D.; Towner, M.C. and Zarnecki, J.C. (2006). Inferring the composition of the liquid Surface on Titan at the Huygens probe landing site from Surface Science Package measurements. Advances in Space Research, 38(4) pp. 794–798.

Taylor, F. W.; Calcutt, S. B.; Read, P. L.; Lewis, S. R.; McCleese, D. J.; Schofield, J. T. and Zurek, R. W. (2006). Atmospheric temperature sounding on Mars, and the climate sounder on the 2005 reconnaissance orbiter. Advances in Space Research, 38(4) pp. 713–717.


Kearsley, A. T.; Drolshagen, G.; McDonnell, J. A. M.; Mandeville, J.-C. and Moussi, A. (2005). Impacts on Hubble Space Telescope solar arrays: discrimination between natural and man-made particles. Advances in Space Research, 35(7) pp. 1254–1262.

Kearsley, A.T.; Graham, G.A.; Burchell, M.J.; Taylor, E.A.; Drolshagen, G.; Chater, R.J. and McPhail, D. (2005). MULPEX: A compact multi-layered polymer foil collector for micrometeoroids and orbital debris. Advances in Space Research, 35(7) pp. 1270–1281.

Lee, C.; Lewis, S.R. and Read, P.L. (2005). A numerical model of the atmosphere of Venus. Advances in Space Research, 36(11) pp. 2142–2145.

Lewis, S.R. and Barker, P.R. (2005). Atmospheric tides in a Mars general circulation model with data assimilation. Advances in Space Research, 36(11) pp. 2162–2168. file

Montabone, Luca; Lewis, Stephen R. and Read, Peter L. (2005). Interannual variability of Martian dust storms in assimilation of several years of Mars global surveyor observations. Advances in Space Research, 36(11) pp. 2146–2155.

Moussi, A.; Drolshagen, G.; McDonnell, J. A. M.; Mandeville, J.-C.; Kearsley, A. T. and Ludwig, H. (2005). Hypervelocity impacts on HST solar arrays and the debris and meteoroids population. Advances in Space Research, 35(7) pp. 1243–1253.


Cockell, Charles (2004). Impact-shocked rocks - insights into Archean and extraterrestrial microbial habitats (and sites for prebiotic chemistry?). Advances in Space Research, 33(8) pp. 1231–1235.

Fraser, H. J. and van Dishoeck, E. F. (2004). SURFRESIDE: a novel experiment to study surface chemistry under interstellar and protostellar conditions. Advances in Space Research, 33(1) pp. 14–22.

Graham, G.A.; Kearsley, A.T.; Butterworth, A.L.; Bland, P.A.; Burchell, M.J.; McPhail, D.S.; Chater, R.; Grady, M.M. and Wright, Ian (2004). Extraction and microanalysis of cosmic dust captured during sample return missions: laboratory simulations. Advances in Space Research, 34(11) pp. 2292–2298.

Patel, Manish; Berces, A.; Kerekgyarto, T.; Ronto, G.; Lammer, H. and Zarnecki, John (2004). Annual solar UV exposure and biological effective dose rates on the Martian surface. Advances in Space Research, 33(8) pp. 1247–1252.


Goldsworthy, B.J.; Burchell, M.J.; Cole, M.J.; Green, S.F.; Leese, M.R.; McBride, N.; McDonnell, J.A.M.; Muller, M.; Grun, E.; Srama, R.; Armes, S.P. and Khan, M.A. (2002). Laboratory calibration of the Cassini Cosmic Dust Analyser (CDA) using new, low density projectiles. Advances in Space Research, 29(8) pp. 1139–1144.

Grande, M.; Dunkin, S.; Heather, D.; Kellet, B.; Perry, C.H.; Browning, R.; Waltham, N.; Parker, D.; Kent, B.; Swinyard, B.; Fereday, J.; Howe, C.; Huovelin, J.; Muhli, P.; Hakala, P. J.; Vilhu, O.; Thomas, N.; Hughes, D.; Alleyne, H.; Grady, M.; Russell, S.; Lundin, R.; Barabash, S.; Baker, D.; Clark, P.E.; Murray, C.D.; Christou, A.; Guest, J.; Casanova, I.; d'Uston, L.C.; Maurice, S.; Foing, B. and Kato, M. (2002). The D-CIXS X-ray spectrometer, and its capabilities for lunar science. Advances in Space Research, 30(8) pp. 1901–1907.

Lopez-Moreno, J. J.; Molina-Cuberos, G. J.; Hamelin, M.; Brown, V. J. G.; Ferri, F.; Grard, R.; Jernej, I.; Jeronimo, J. M.; Leppelmeier, G. W.; Makinen, T.; Rodrigo, R.; Sabau, L.; Schwingenschuh, K.; Svedhem, H.; Zarnecki, J. and Fulchignoni, M. (2002). The Comas sola mission to test the HUYGENS/HASI instrument on board a stratospheric balloon. Advances in Space Research, 30(5) pp. 1359–1364.

Muller, M.; Goldsworthy, J.B.; McBride, N.; Green, S. F.; McDonnell, J.A.M.; Srama, R.; Kempf, S. and Grun, E. (2002). CDA Cruise Science: Comparison of measured dust flux at 1 AU with models. In: Green, S.F.; Williams, I.; McDonnell, J.A.M. and McBride, N. eds. Dust in the Solar System and other planetary systems. COSPAR Colloquia Series, 29 (15). Elsevier, pp. 160–163.


Burchell, M. J.; Shrine, N. R. G.; Mann, J.; Bunch, A. W.; Brandao, P.; Zarnecki, J. and Galloway, J. A. (2001). Laboratory investigations of the survivability of bacteria in hypervelocity impacts. Advances in Space Research, 28(4) pp. 707–712.

Graham, G. A.; Kearsley, A. T.; Drolshagen, G.; McBride, N.; Green, S. F. and Wright, I. P. (2001). Microparticle impacts upon HST solar cells. Advances in Space Research, 28(9) pp. 1341–1346.

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McDonnell, J.A.M; Catling, D.J. and Clegg, R.A. (2001). Impact comminution of icy targets in the outer solar system: application of hydrocodes. Advances in Space Research, 28(10) pp. 1551–1562.

Schwanethal, J. P. and McBride, Neil (2001). Distinguishing the populations of natural meteoroids and space debris by GORID in geostationary orbit. Advances in Space Research, 28(9) pp. 1335–1339.


Hagermann, A. and Spohn, T. (1999). A method to invert MUPUS temperature recordings for the subsurface temperature field of P/Wirtanen. Advances in Space Research, 23(7) pp. 1333–1336.

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