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Soyarslan, Celal; Bargmann, Swantje; Pradas, Marc and Weissmüller, Jörg (2018). 3D stochastic bicontinuous microstructures: Generation, topology and elasticity. Acta Materialia, 149 pp. 326–340. file


Lelito, Janusz; Zak, Pawel L.; Shirzadi, Amir A.; Greer, A. Lindsay; Krajewski, Witold K.; Suchy, Jozef S.; Haberl, Katharina and Schumacher, Peter (2012). Effect of SiC reinforcement particles on the grain density in a magnesium-based metal-matrix composite: modelling and experiment. Acta Materialia, 60(6-7) pp. 2950–2958. file

Moat, R. J.; Zhang, S. Y.; Kelleher, J.; Mark, A. F.; Mori, T. and Withers, P. J. (2012). Work hardening induced by martensite during transformation-induced plasticity in plain carbon steel. Acta Materialia, 60(20) pp. 6931–6939.

Obasi, G.C.; Moat, R.J.; Leo Prakash, D.G.; Kockelmann, W.; Quinta da Fonseca, J. and Preuss, M. (2012). In situ neutron diffraction study of texture evolution and variant selection during the α→β→α phase transformation in Ti–6Al–4V. Acta Materialia, 60(20) pp. 7169–7182.

Rao, Ashwin; Bouchard, P. John; Northover, Shirley M. and Fitzpatrick, Michael E. (2012). Anelasticity in austenitic stainless steel. Acta Materialia, 60(19) pp. 6851–6861.


Bacon, D. H.; Edwards, L.; Moffatt, J. E. and Fitzpatrick, M. E. (2011). Synchrotron X-ray diffraction measurements of internal stresses during loading of steel-based metal matrix composites reinforced with TiB2 particles. Acta Materialia, 59(9) pp. 3373–3383.

Khan, M. K.; Fitzpatrick, M. E.; Hainsworth, S. V.; Evans, A. D. and Edwards, L. (2011). Application of synchrotron X-ray diffraction and nanoindentation for the determination of residual stress fields around scratches. Acta Materialia, 59(20) pp. 7508–7520.


Steuwer, A.; Rahman, M; Shterenlikht, A.; Fitzpatrick, M. E.; Edwards, L. and Withers, P.J. (2010). The evolution of crack-tip stresses during a fatigue overload event. Acta Materialia, 58(11) pp. 4039–4052.


Moat, R. J.; Pinkerton, A. J.; Li, L.; Withers, P. J. and Preuss, M. (2009). Crystallographic texture and microstructure of pulsed diode laser-deposited Waspaloy. Acta Materialia, 57(4) pp. 1220–1229.


Kartal, M. E.; Liljedahl, C. D. M.; Gungor, S.; Edwards, L. and Fitzpatrick, M. E. (2008). Determination of the profile of the complete residual stress tensor in a VPPA weld using the multi-axial contour method. Acta Materialia, 56(16) pp. 4417–4428.

Turskia, M.; Bouchard, P. J.; Steuwera, A. and Withers, P. J. (2008). Residual stress driven creep cracking in AISI Type 316 stainless steel. Acta Materialia, 56(14) pp. 3598–3612.


Ferrie, Emilie; Buffiere, Jean-Yves; Ludwig, Wolfgang; Gravouil, Anthony and Edwards, Lyndon (2006). Fatigue crack propagation: in situ visualization using X-ray microtomography and 3D simulation using the extended finite element method. Acta Materialia, 54(4) pp. 1111–1122.

Lethbridge, Zoe A.D.; Williams, Jennifer J.; Walton, Richard I.; Smith, Christopher W.; Hooper, Robert M. and Evans, Kenneth E. (2006). Direct, static measurement of single-crystal Young's moduli of the zeolite natrolite: Comparison with dynamic studies and simulations. Acta Materialia, 54(9) pp. 2533–2545.


Baczmanski, A.; Levy-Tubiana, R.; Fitzpatrick, M.E. and Lodini, A. (2004). Elastoplastic deformation of Al/SiCp metal–matrix composite studied by self-consistent modelling and neutron diffraction. Acta Materialia, 52 pp. 1565–1577.

Bouchard, P. J.; Withers, P. J.; McDonald, S. A. and Heenan, R. K. (2004). Quantification of creep cavitation damage around a crack in a stainless steel pressure vessel. Acta Materialia, 52(1) pp. 23–34.

Dutta, M.; Bruno, G.; Edwards, L. and Fitzpatrick, M.E. (2004). Neutron diffraction measurement of the internal stresses following heat treatment of a plastically deformed Al/SiC particulate metal-matrix composite. Acta Materialia, 52(13) pp. 3881–3888.

Jazaeri, H. and Humphreys, F. J. (2004). The transition from discontinuous to continuous recrystallization in some aluminium alloys: II - annealing behaviour. Acta Materialia, 52(11) pp. 3251–3262.

Jazaeri, H. and Humphreys, F. J. (2004). The transition from discontinuous to continuous recrystallization in some aluminium alloys I – the deformed state. Acta Materialia, 52(11) pp. 3239–3250. restricted access item, not available for direct download

Zhang, Y.; Ganguly, S.; Edwards, L. and Fitzpatrick, M.E. (2004). Cross-sectional mapping of residual stresses in a VPPA weld using the contour method. Acta Materialia, 52(17) pp. 5225–5232.


Fitzpatrick, M. E.; Withers, P. J.; Baczmanski, A.; Hutchings, M.T.; Levy, R.; Ceretti, M. and Lodini, A. (2002). Changes in the misfit stresses in an Al/SiCp metal matrix composite under plastic strain. Acta Materialia, 50(5) pp. 1031–1040.

Gungor, Salih (2002). Residual stress measurements in fibre reinforced titanium alloy composites. Acta Materialia, 50(8) pp. 2053–2073.


Fitzpatrick, M. E.; Hutchings, M. T. and Withers, P. J. (1999). Separation of measured fatigue crack stress fields in a metal matrix composite material. Acta Materialia, 47(2) pp. 585–593.


Fitzpatrick, M. E.; Hutchings, M. T. and Withers, P. J. (1997). Separation of macroscopic, elastic mismatch and thermal expansion misfit stresses in metal matrix composite quenched plates from neutron diffraction measurements. Acta Materialia, 45(12) pp. 4867–4876.

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