MaaS (Mobility as a Service) Market Futures Explored

Enoch, Marcus and Potter, Stephen (2022). MaaS (Mobility as a Service) Market Futures Explored. In: 15th International Conference on Advanced Systems in Public Transport (CASPT2022), 6-10 Nov 2022, Tel Aviv, Israel.



The Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concept is powerful because it seeks to rapidly adjust supply and demand for transport so that an (ideally optimal) equilibrium point is attained. Whilst the technological barriers to implementing MaaS are steadily being overcome, less is known about how the MaaS eco-system might evolve.

This paper unpicks the MaaS concept in light of broader societal trends to suggest how it could evolve and offers insights to practitioners and policy makers. The paper draws on literature and discussions with stakeholders to better understand how MaaS has emerged. It constructs four future MaaS market scenarios and identifies implications.

The paper finds current expectations of how the MaaS concept may evolve to be unimaginative and limited in their understanding of how the transport system could change should MaaS be adopted on a wide scale. The major challenges for policy makers will likely relate to balancing the promised benefits offered with issues such as safety (including bio-safety in our post Covid-19 world), data security and privacy, equity and the threat of dominant unscrupulous suppliers distorting the marketplace. Together, these insights suggest that the MaaS reality may be messy and difficult to manage, and that future transport systems might look very different to now.

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