Shaping the Future: Challenges and Opportunities for Early-Career Academics

Ratle, Olivier; Bristow, Alexandra and Robinson, Sarah K. (2021). Shaping the Future: Challenges and Opportunities for Early-Career Academics. In: Fellenz, M.; Hoidn, S. and Brady, M. eds. The Routledge Handbook of the Future of Management Education. London: Routledge (In Press).


Academics starting their careers today will shape the profession in many ways, and represent its future. Looking into the future of management education therefore involves examining current challenges faced by these new management educators. Early-career academics (ECAs) may encounter economic and status precarity, various forms of discrimination, bureaucratic excesses and managerialism, crushing workloads and unrealistic performance requirements. They also face strong normative expectations of what it means to be an academic – which spheres of activity they should privilege, and what their career trajectory should look like. So what does the current predicament of ECAs can tell us about the future of management education?

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