Central Works of Philosophy v1: Ancient and Medieval

Shand, John ed. (2004). Central Works of Philosophy v1: Ancient and Medieval. Central Works of Philosophy, 1. London: Routledge.

URL: https://www.routledge.com/Central-Works-of-Philoso...


This collection of essays showcases the most important and influential philosophical works of the ancient and medieval period, roughly from 600 BC to AD 1600. Each chapter takes a particular work of philosophy and discusses its proponent, its content and central arguments. These are: Plato's Republic; Aristotle' Nichomachean Ethics; Lucretius' On the Nature of the Universe; Sextus Emperiicus' Outlines of Pyrrhonism; Plotinus' The Enneads; Augustine's City of God; Anselm's Proslogion; Aquinas' Summa Theologia; Duns Scotus' Ordinatio; William of Ockham's Summa Logicae

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