Race, Gangs and Youth Violence: Policy, Prevention and Policing

Gunter, Anthony (2017). Race, Gangs and Youth Violence: Policy, Prevention and Policing. Bristol, UK: Policy Press.

URL: https://policy.bristoluniversitypress.co.uk/race-g...


This book aims to challenge current thinking about serious youth violence and gangs, and their racialisation by the media and the police. Written by an expert with over 14 years’ experience in the field, it brings together research, theory and practice to influence policy. Placing gangs and urban violence in a broader social and political economic context, it argues that government-led policy and associated funding for anti-gangs work is counter-productive. It highlights how the street gang label is unfairly linked by both the news-media and police to black (and urban) youth street-based lifestyles/cultures and friendship groups, leading to the further criminalisation of innocent black youth via police targeting. The book is primarily aimed at practitioners, policy makers, academics as well as those community-minded individuals concerned about youth violence and social justice.

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