A state-variable model for the hot deformation of Waspaloy

Rist, Martin; Roberts, S.M.; Reed, R.C. and Brooks, J.W. (2002). A state-variable model for the hot deformation of Waspaloy. In: Pietrzyk, M.; Mitura, Z. and Kaczmar, J. eds. The 5th International ESAFORM Conference on Material Forming. Krakow, Poland: Publishing House Akapit, pp. 635–638.


A semi-empirical history-dependent constitutive model for the high temperature deformation of Waspaloy is presented. Model equations have been formulated in terms of the evolution of state variables, in particular an internal back stress, directly related to the physical processes of deformation. Below the solvus temperature of the strengthening gamma' phase, deformation is modelled in terms of the hardening and recovery associated with the formation of a dislocation network. Above the gamma' solvus, modelling of material softening incorporates the kinetics of dynamic recrystallisation. Constitutive equations have been directly validated against uniaxial compression test data collected at temperatures and strain rates relevant to disc forging.

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