A usable web for long-stay hospitalised children

Baravalle, Andres; Beria, Alessandro; Guberti, Silvia; Lanfranchi, Vita and Pravettoni, Gabriella (2002). A usable web for long-stay hospitalised children. In: International Conference on Human Computer Interaction, Sep 2002, London, UK.

URL: http://cise.sbu.ac.uk/hci2002/poster.html#T362


This paper analyses the problems that should be
considered when designing a web site for
disadvantaged children. We focus our research on
long-stay hospitalised children who use the Internet to
communicate with realities located outside their usual
surroundings, especially with distance education
related activities. We introduce a case study which
focuses on the use of the Internet in some Italian
hospitals and then we sketch out some guidelines for
designing usable web sites for hospitalised children.

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