Speed Filming: creating short sharable videos using Facebook Live

Clough, Helen and Smith, Andrew (2017). Speed Filming: creating short sharable videos using Facebook Live. In: SocMedHE17 Social Media for Learning in Higher Education in Conference, 19 Dec 2017, Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University.

URL: https://blogs.shu.ac.uk/socmedhe/papers-at-socmedh...


Different teams at the Open University (OU) have experimented with the use of Facebook Live for student engagement.

Library Services at the OU used Facebook Live (FBL) online events to teach library skills, engage with distance learners and help to build communities. In May 2017 we delivered a series of 5 minute long Facebook Live videos on ‘fake news’ in the lead up to the UK general election. This was seen as a quick way to create timely video assets to reuse. We scheduled in time directly after the broadcast to add captions using Amara. In a change from our normal practice, no interaction was sought with viewers during the live broadcast but the engagement came later via views and shares on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the Library website, including comments such as “Want more fake news *thumbs up*”.

The OU Cisco Networking Academy team, used FBL to reach a large community of teachers and students. Discovering that FBL could reach teachers and students wherever they are, unlike many other traditional screencast tools. Using a combination of smartphone and open broadcast studio software. The team, created a weekly series of educational broadcasts. Supporting teacher education, as well as student engagement.

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