Introduction to Part III

Kolassa, Alexander (2018). Introduction to Part III. In: Fugelso, Karl ed. Authenticity, Medievalism, Music. Studies in Medievalism (27). Cambridge: Boydell & Brewer, pp. 181–182.



The uses and representations of early music in the context of popular culture have, until recently, received relatively little attention in academic contexts. In the forthcoming collection, Recomposing the Past: Early Music on Stage and Screen (2018) the REMOSS (Representations of Early Music on Stage and Screen) Study Group has sought to redress this lack by bringing together a wide range of perspectives to examine the impact of early music beyond its traditional academic audiences. Contemporary and popular culture offers a highly stylized and eclectic – often contradictory – view of history that, crucially, is of increasing importance to the popular understanding, reception, and experience of history, and of early music. Indeed, early music – that is, the general term for musics predating the common-practice period, and typically associated with the European Middle Ages and Renaissance – finds its biggest audience in our popular film, television, videogame, and new-media landscape. That landscape is, with likely few exceptions, from where the future performers, researchers, and advocates of these traditions will emerge.

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