Reduction properties of phases in the system La0.5Sr0.5MO3 (M = Fe, Co)

Berry, Frank J.; Marco, José F. and Ren, Xiaolin (2005). Reduction properties of phases in the system La0.5Sr0.5MO3 (M = Fe, Co). Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 178(4) pp. 961–969.



Phases formed by the reduction of compounds of the type La0.5Sr0.5MO3 (M = Fe, Co) have been characterized by means of temperature programmed reduction, X-ray powder diffraction, Fe-57 Mossbauer spectroscopy and Fe K-, Co K-, Sr K-, and La L-III-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy. The results show that treatment of the material of composition La0.5Sr0.5FeO3 (which contains 50% Fe4+ and 50% Fe3+) at 650 degrees C in a flowing 90% hydrogen/10% nitrogen atmosphere results in the formation of an oxygen-deficient perovskite-related phase containing only trivalent iron. Further heating in the gaseous reducing environment at 1150 degrees C results in the formation of the Fe3+-containing phase SrLaFeO4, which has a K2NiF4-type structure, and metallic iron. The material of composition La0.5Sr0.5CoO3 is more susceptible to reduction than the compound La0.5Sr0.5FeO3 since, after heating at 520 degrees C in the hydrogen/nitrogen mixture, all the Co4+ and Co3+ are reduced to metallic cobalt with the concomitant formation of strontium- and lanthanum-oxides.

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