How to cope with 1000 teachers on Facebook Live!

Smith, Andrew (2017). How to cope with 1000 teachers on Facebook Live! In: SocMedHE17 Social Media for Higher Education in Learning Conference, 19 Dec 2017, Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University.



While many describe an international skills shortage in network engineering professionals (Tech Partnership 2017) – there is an equally immediate deficit skill set amongst educators – creating a long term pressure point for higher education as well as industry.

Solving the problem of the skill set is commensurate with its position as a Cisco Networking Academy Support Centre for the Open University. Reaching a community of 64 educational establishments as well as part of a wider national a global community of network engineering practitioners. The team created a free distance learning course to teachers, covering the ‘introduction to networking’ course from the Cisco Networking Academy programme.

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