Chondrules in Antarctic micrometeorites

Genge, M.J.; Gileski, A. and Grady, M.M. (2005). Chondrules in Antarctic micrometeorites. Meteoritics and Planetary Science, 40(2) pp. 225–238.



Previous studies of unmelted micrometeorites (> 50 μm) recovered from Antarctic ice have concluded that chondrules, which are a major component of chondritic meteorites, are extremely rare among micrometeorites. We report the discovery of eight micrometeorites containing chondritic igneous objects, which strongly suggests that at least a portion of coarse-grained crystalline micrometeorites represent chondrule fragments. Six of the particles are identified as composite micrometeorites that contain chondritic igneous objects and fine-grained matrix. These particles suggest that at least some coarse-grained micrometeorites (cgMMs) may be derived from the same parent bodies as fine-grained micrometeorites. The new evidence indicates that, contrary to previous suggestions, the parent bodies of micrometeorites broadly resemble the parent asteroids of chondrulebearing carbonaceous chondrites.

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