Focus: Families and relationships across crises

Gabb, Jacqui and de Jong, Sara (2017). Focus: Families and relationships across crises. Discover Society, 44.



Crisis rhetoric and practice is all around us, whether pertaining to the current migration flows or to the global financial meltdown. This Discover Society issue will address the topic of ‘Relationships and Families across Crises’ by focussing on the ways in which families and relationships are created, sustained, challenged, and disrupted against the backdrop of social and political crises. It thereby shifts away from approaches that consider relationships (however conceived) as being ‘in crisis’ and concentrates instead on crisis as a backdrop for relationships. In other words, it collects contributions to the question of how changing material and ideological conditions inaugurated by the different crises impact on families and relationships in Europe and how families and intimate relationships have responded to crises.

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