The emergence of early childhood literacy

Gillen, Julia and Hall, Nigel (2003). The emergence of early childhood literacy. In: Hall, Nigel; Larson, Joanne and Marsh, Jackie eds. Handbook of Early Childhood Literacy. UK: Sage Publications.



ABOUT THE BOOK: The Handbook offers a way through the vast diversity of publications on early childhood literacy by providing comprehensive and up-to-date reviews of research and thinking in early childhood literacy.
The arrangement of chapters reflects a contemporary perspective on research into early childhood literacy. Major sections include: the global world of early childhood literacy; childhood literacy and family, community and culture; the development of literacy in early childhood; pedagogy and early childhood literacy and researching early childhood literacy.
Contributions by leading authorities focus on literacy as a socially situated and global experience, one that is evolving in relation to changes in contemporary culture and technological innovation.

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