Assessment and Autonomy in Language Learning

Everhard, Carol J. and Murphy, Linda eds. (2015). Assessment and Autonomy in Language Learning. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.


While assessment and autonomy are areas that have been explored extensively in relation to English as a foreign language (EFL) and foreign language learning in general, the nature of the relationship between the two has not been the coverage that one might expect. This book examines this contested relationship from a number of perspectives in a variety of higher education learning contexts in Europe and the Far East. The contributors to the book, all teacher-researchers with direct experience of the issues and challenges involved, describe research into assessment both for and as autonomy, as well as approaches to the assessment of autonomy itself. The chapters explore how assessment can be used to promote and increase autonomy through learner involvement in assessment processes. Addressing a range of challenges to both autonomy in assessment and the assessment of autonomy, the book also provides practical models, tools and techniques for putting these ideas into practice, which can be adapted to other teaching contexts beyond language teaching.

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