A BASILar Approach for Building Web APIs on top of SPARQL Endpoints

Daga, Enrico; Panziera, Luca and Pedrinaci, Carlos (2015). A BASILar Approach for Building Web APIs on top of SPARQL Endpoints. In: Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Services and Applications over Linked APIs and Data (Maleshkova, Maria; Verborgh, Ruben and Stadtmüller, Steffen eds.), pp. 22–32.

URL: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1359/paper4.pdf


The heterogeneity of methods and technologies to publish open data is still an issue to develop distributed systems on the Web. On the one hand, Web APIs, the most popular approach to offer data services, implement REST principles, which focus on addressing loose coupling and interoperability issues. On the other hand, Linked Data, available through SPARQL endpoints, focus on data integration between distributed data sources. The paper proposes BASIL, an approach to build Web APIs on top of SPARQL endpoints, in order to benefit of the advantages from both Web APIs and Linked Data approaches. Compared to similar solution, BASIL aims on minimising the learning curve for users to promote its adoption. The main feature of BASIL is a simple API that does not introduce new specifications, formalisms and technologies for users that belong to both Web APIs and Linked Data communities.

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