Comparative youth justice

Muncie, John and Goldson, Barry eds. (2006). Comparative youth justice. London, UK: Sage Publications Ltd.



Comparative Youth Justice is the first book to critically reflect on contemporary juvenile justice reform in England and Wales and across various other western jurisdictions (the United States, Canada, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Scotland, Japan, Italy and Finland). In doing so, it identifies major international differences in juvenile policy and practice.
However, Comparative Youth Justice is not simply an attempt to document national similarities and differences, but looks critically at how global trends are translated at the local level. This book also examines how youth justice is implemented in practice with a view to promoting change as well as reflection.
Each chapter addresses key critical issues:
- the degree of compliance with international law;
- the extent of repenalistion;
- adulteration;
- tolerance;
- the impact of experiments in restoration and risk management.

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