Sheridan, Simon; Jarvis, Martin and Morgan, Geraint (2011). Valve. The Open University, US20110278483 A1.


A valve device (1) comprising; a body portion (2) having a plurality of openings, a valve seat (6) located within said body portion (2), an end stop (4,8), corresponding to an opening of said body portion (2), said end stop (4,8) comprising a port portion (38,39) through which fluid may flow, and a nozzle (33,35), in fluid communication with said port portion (38,39), said nozzle (33,35) configured for sealing against said valve seat (6) and thereby preventing flow through the valve device (1), the valve device (1) being openable by relative motion of said nozzle (33,35) with respect to said valve seat (6), and adjustment means configured to allow independent adjustment of the location of said nozzle (33,35) with respect to said valve seat (6).

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