GCP15: evaluating informal TEL

Whitelock, Denise (2013). GCP15: evaluating informal TEL. In: Fisher, Frank; Wild, Fridolin; Sutherland, Rosamund and Zim, Lena eds. Grand Challenges in Technology Enhanced Learning: Outcomes of the 3rd Alpine Rendez-Vous. Cham: Springer, pp. 47–49.


As TEL interventions move away from supporting existing learning activities and practices towards disrupting them and/or enabling radically new ones, evaluation approaches need to change accordingly.

By removing the pre-specified design objectives we also remove traditional benchmarks against which we evaluate, such as measures of cognitive learning; while at the same time we render evaluation ever so essential in the quest to understand radically new, disruptive TEL practices. We urgently need a re-conceptualisation of evaluation as an integral and integrated aspect of the development process that weaves with evolving designs of learning.

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