Evolution and overview of Linked USDL

Cardoso, Jorge and Pedrinaci, Carlos (2014). Evolution and overview of Linked USDL. In: IESS 1.5 - 6th International Conference on Exploring Service Science, 4-6 Feb 2015, Porto, Portugal.


For more than 10 years, research on service descriptions has mainly studied software-based services and provided languages such as WSDL, OWL-S, WSMO for SOAP, and hREST for REST. Nonetheless, recent developments from service management (e.g., ITIL and COBIT) and cloud computing (e.g. Software-as-a-Service) have brought new re- quirements to service descriptions languages: the need to also model business services and account for the multi-faceted nature of services. Business-orientation, co-creation, pricing, legal aspects, and security issues are all elements which must also be part of service descriptions. While ontologies such as e service and e value provided a first modeling attempt to capture a business perspective, concerns on how to contract services and the agreements entailed by a contract also need to be taken into account. This has for the most part been disregarded by the e family of ontologies. In this paper, we review the evolution and provide an overview of Linked USDL, a comprehensive language which provides a (multi-faceted) description to enable the commercialization of (business and technical) services over the web.

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