Reproductive physiology of Stylosanthes.

Ison, R. L. and Humphreys, L. R. (1984). Reproductive physiology of Stylosanthes. In: Stacey, Helen M. and Edye, L. A. eds. The Biology and Agronomy of Stylosanthes. Sydney: Academic Press, pp. 257–277.




Considerably more is known about the reproductive physiology of Stylosanthes than of any other tropical legume genus. This review discusses the climatic control of flowering and seed formation in Stylosanthes. Species vary in the length of the juvenile phase when floral induction cannot proceed ranging from c. 45 to 70 days in seedlings of S. guianensis var. guianensis to much shorter durations in S. humilis and S. hamata. Short day, long-day, day-neutral and long-short-day photoperiod response types have been recognised in Stylosanthes. Variation in critical photoperiod and its interaction with temperature, the significance of marginally inductive conditions for seed production, and the effects of temperature, irradiance and water stress on the sequence of developmental processes are discussed.

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