La rhétorique de la vérité: Le Corbusier à Alger

Benton, Tim (2012). La rhétorique de la vérité: Le Corbusier à Alger. In: Bonillo, Jean-Lucien ed. Le Corbusier, Visions d'Alger. Les Rencontres de la Fondation Le Corbusier. Paris: Editions de La Villette, pp. 172–187.


This is the first attempt to tell the story of Le Corbusier's lectures in Algiers in 1931 and 1933. Given a mythical importance by Le Corbusier himself I have used archival sources and contemporary press accounts to give a more rounded and nuamnced picture of what actually happened, what Le Corbusier actually said and showed and the the effect these lectures had.

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