Integrated systems for practical recovery of non-MSW waste streams

Thomas, C.; Banks, C.; Dacombe, P.; Khan, T. and Maycox, A. (2006). Integrated systems for practical recovery of non-MSW waste streams. In: Waste 2006: Sustainable Waste and Resource Management, The Waste Conference Limited, Warwick University, UK.


This paper details a research project aimed at developing a robust and practical method for recovery of non-MSW waste streams, focusing particularly on C&I wastes from the SME sector. This will be achieved by raising awareness of the resource recovery potential of the waste, using self-assessment audit tools and on-line information on matching locally-based waste and recycling services that will facilitate recovery of materials. Use of an interactive IT-based system will also allow collection of the data needed as basis for integrated facilities planning by the commercial, public and voluntary sectors. The research will thus form a key element in the move towards implementation of a materials resource strategy. It will provide a reliable method of capturing both location and composition data of waste streams essential for integrating service facilities on a local/regional basis. Widespread use of the tools and methodology will be facilitated by developing frameworks that can be populated with geographically-distinct information, and protocols for the engagement of the SME business community at a local level.

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