Paleoenvironmental trends in Venezuela during the last glacial cycle

Rull, Valenti; Abbott, Mark B.; Vegas-Vilarrúbia, Teresa; Bezada, Maximiliano; Montoya, Encarni; Nogué, Sandra and González, Catalina (2010). Paleoenvironmental trends in Venezuela during the last glacial cycle. In: Sánchez-Villagra, Marcelo R.; Aguilera, Orangel A. and Carlini, Alfredo A. eds. Urumaco and Venezuelan Palaeontology: The Fossil Record of the Northern Neotropics. Life of the Past. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, pp. 52–83.



This chapter summarizes and updates the main Quaternary paleoclimatic and sea-level trends recorded in Venezuela, and provides a paleoenvironmental framework for studies addressing biogeographical, ecological, and evolutionary topics. Venezuela has a number of localities that have provided paleoenvironmental sequences in the neotropical, circum-Caribbean domain, such as the Cariaco basin, Lake Valencia, the Mérida Andes, and the Guayana region (e.g., Markgraf 2000). Venezuela encompasses a wide range of physiographic, climatic, and biogeographic conditions because of its geographic location. This spatial heterogeneity has led to complex, but interesting, paleoenvironmental reconstructions.

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