Educational use cases from a shared exploration of e-books and iPads

Smith, Martin; Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes and Page, Anna (2012). Educational use cases from a shared exploration of e-books and iPads. In: Goh, Tiong-Thye ed. E-Books and E-Readers for E-Learning. Wellington, New Zealand: Victoria Business School, Victoria University of Wellington, pp. 25–53.



E-books and e-book readers are becoming increasingly widely available, particularly for the general reader, and there have been many studies on their adoption. However, less is known about their use for educational and academic purposes. We report here on work carried out on e-books and e-book applications using iPads by academic and teaching staff. After considering pedagogical issues and reporting survey results, we identify a spiral of six key use case areas for e-books. This spiral of use cases moves from basic e-book use, through situational reading, e-books and learning, using multiple learning resources, collaborative/group learning, to e-book production. We discuss each of these use case areas and provide guidelines that will be of interest to practitioners and researchers alike.

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