Educational technology: does pedagogy still matter?

Thorpe, Mary (2012). Educational technology: does pedagogy still matter? Educational Technology Magazine: The Magazine for Managers of Change in Education, 52(2) pp. 10–14.


Failure to transform educational institutions through the use of new technologies has been blamed on the continuation of outmoded pedagogy. However, the new spaces opened up by using technology are leading to new pedagogical approaches and an expansion in its role. Three areas currently important for European educational technologists are explored in relation to their implications for pedagogy: Open educational resources, learning design, and mobile learning. Each has fostered new forms of pedagogical creativity. Pedagogy is necessary at many stages in implementation, across stakeholders and user groups, and has new tools with which it can specify learner activity and make its own processes explicit to others. Pedagogy may be a difficult term, with its hints of top-down control, but its core meaning of facilitating learning is more important than ever. Here also is the key to sustainability. Learner needs change and opportunities created by technology also change and interact dynamically. Effective learning can only be sustained by a proactive pedagogy, working creatively with technology.

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