Understanding Sport

Horne, John; Tomlinson, Alan; Whannel, Garry and Woodward, Kath (2012). Understanding Sport. Culture Economy and the Social. London: Routledge.

URL: http://www.routledge.com/books/details/97804155914...


Understanding Sport engages with some of the transformations which sport has undergone through historical and sociological analysies of the complex and diverse elements of socio-cultural and economic transformations, which make sport the motor for change as well as a site which reflects inequalities in social relations. The second edition of Understanding Sport demonstrates continuities and transformations through the growth of modern sports, social divisions as manifest in sport and the processes of representation and cultural reproduction, for example as evidenced by sporting mega spectacles.The second edition incorporates critiques of embodiment, of the bodies that enagage in sport and the bodies of governance. Sport offers useful illustrations of change as well as the restablisment of inequalities in the labour market and in processes of globalization and commodification which are critiqued in this book.

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