Enhancing application servers with semantics

Sabou, Marta; Oberle, Daniel and Richards, Debbie (2004). Enhancing application servers with semantics. In: Krishnaswamy, Shonali; Loke, Seng W. and Yang, Jian eds. 1st Australian Workshop on Engineering Service-Oriented Systems (AWESOS 2004). Australia: Monash University, pp. 7–15.

URL: http://www.aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de/Publikationen/sho...


We report on using semantic technology to enhance application servers. In particular, the conclusion of our analysis is that OWL-S, an emerging effort for semantic webservice descriptions, is a good starting point for supporting many frequent tasks within a concrete application server which facilitates reusing and combining SemanticWeb software modules (e.g. ontology stores, reasoners, etc.). The focus of this paper is on detailing the design of the supporting ontology: (1) identifying the aspects of application servers that benefit from semantic technology and (2) analyzing and extending OWL-S for this purpose.We also report on the integration of this ontology within the server.

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