Der Einfluss der Eisenbahn auf das Konzertwesen des 19. Jahrhunderts

Hall, Mark M. and Hamer, Laura A. (2009). Der Einfluss der Eisenbahn auf das Konzertwesen des 19. Jahrhunderts. In: Angewandte Geoinformatik 2009 - Beiträge zum 21. AGIT-Symposium Salzburg, 8-10 Jul 2009, Salzburg Universität, Austria.


Clara Wieck-Schumann was one of the most successful concert pianists of the nineteenth century. Her career coincided with the development of the European railways, which enabled her to travel more widely than would have been possible by coach. This paper takes Wieck-Schumann as a case study to consider the benefits which a developed European rail network offered to travelling virtuosi during the nineteenth century, by allowing them to travel both widely and directly to the most important musical centres (particularly Paris and Vienna) without having to take undertake lengthy diversions.

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