A bishop, a patron and some preachers; a problem of presentation

O'Day, Rosemary (1999). A bishop, a patron and some preachers; a problem of presentation. In: Wood, Diana ed. Life and Thought in the Northern Church c. 1100-c 1700. Woodbridge: Boydell & Brewer, pp. 421–434.

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The relations between bishops of the Church of England and lay patrons could be fraught and were certainly variable. Local circumstances and the general distribution of patronage within a given diocese combined with the personalities and concerns of the bishop and patrons involved to provide a distinctive environment for negotiation. It would be rash, therefore, to suggest that any case study of co-operation or conflict between a patron and a bishop could be typical. This said, such a case-study cannot but inform and stimulate because negotiation, amicable or otherwise, was essential for all parties wishing to exercise patronage.

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