The Power of Pedagogy

Moon, Bob and Leach, Jenny (2008). The Power of Pedagogy. London: Sage.



The concept of ‘pedagogy' has become increasingly important as a frame of reference for debate about teaching and learning. In this book the authors analyze and explore contemporary ideas of pedagogy through the work of key figures including Freire, Montessori, and Vygotsky, and explain how a new conception of pedagogy could transform educational institutions, particularly schools.
In locating pedagogy as central to the process of education the authors: explore the historical and cultural antecedents of our understanding of pedagogy; analyse the way understanding of the working of the human mind influences teaching and learning; review and critique ideas about learning and the construction of knowledge; examine the way new forms of communication are impacting on the processes and purposes of pedagogic activity.
Highly relevant for masters and doctoral students of education, this book will also be of interest to educational practitioners undertaking research on issues related to pedagogy, both in the UK and internationally.

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