Shared histories and the archaeology of the pastoral industry in Australia

Harrison, Rodney (2004). Shared histories and the archaeology of the pastoral industry in Australia. In: Harrison, Rodney and Williamson, Christine eds. After Captain Cook: The archaeology of the recent indigenous past in Australia. Indigenous Archaeologies (2). Sydney: AltaMira Press, pp. 37–58.



About the book: The original papers collected in this pioneering volume address the historical archaeology of Aboriginal Australia and its application in researching the shared history of Aboriginal and settler Australians. The authors draw on case studies from across the continent to show how archaeology can illuminate the continuum of responses by indigenous Australians to European settlement and colonization. Taking an innovative approach to the relationship between archaeological theory and contemporary Australian history, the book also examines the role of archaeology in current debates over Aboriginal land rights and the role of "post-contact" archaeology in cultural heritage management. An introduction by the series editors places the Australian material in the context of indigenous archaeological studies worldwide. The volume will be of interest to academic and public archaeologists, indigenous people, anthropologists, historians, and heritage managers who deal with indigenous communities.

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