Zur Möglichkeit der Deduktion des Wirtschaftlichkeits- und Gewinnmaximierungsprinzip aus dem Rationalprinzip

Diefenbach, Thomas (2004). Zur Möglichkeit der Deduktion des Wirtschaftlichkeits- und Gewinnmaximierungsprinzip aus dem Rationalprinzip. In: Frank, Ulrich ed. Wissenschaftstheorie in Ökonomie und Wirtschaftsinformatik. Theoriebildung und -bewertung, Ontologien, Wissensmanagement. Wiesbaden, Germany: DUV, pp. 109–130.

URL: http://www.duv.de/index.php;do=show/sid=1117246885...


In the last years the interest in the science theory in the management economics increased clearly. Also in the economical informatics science-theoretical questions are discussed more intensively. This is partially on the changing basic conditions of scientific careers to lead back the structural change of the universities and the increasing internationalization of research and teachings.
The available volume, which relies on results of the annual convention 2003 of the scientific commission science theory in the federation of the university teachers for marketing and management, gives a founded overview of current topics to the science theory in economics and economical informatics. Some contributions tie others to traditional questions of the science theory, take up science-theoretical challenges, which are connected with current research topics.
In the center are located:
“the suitability of procedures for the education and evaluation of theories,
“the transferability of scientific methods on the restaurant and social sciences,
“Information modelling and
“Knowledge management.

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  • (English) Book Title: Science theory in economics and economical informatics. Theory formation and - evaluation, Ontologien, knowledge management
    English translation of chapter: About the possibility of deduction of the principle of profit maximisation from the principle of rationality
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