Corporate universities and leadership development

Paton, Rob; Taylor, Scott and Storey, John (2003). Corporate universities and leadership development. In: Storey, John ed. Leadership in Organizations: current issues and key trends. UK: London: Routledge, pp. 103–124.



About the Book:
Of the many books written about leadership, few move beyond conventional accounts of theory, or truly scrutinise the leadership agenda. However, this exciting book sets a new agenda for the interpretation of leadership and development. Including contributions from some of the most distinctive leaders in the field, it considers the newest themes to come out of the leadership debate. Topics covered include:

* leadership and integrity
* learning leadership
* career individualization
* leadership development in the public sector.

One of the first books to systematically link leadership and management, this distinctive and challenging text examines leadership in the context of career development. It critically assesses the more conventional training and development available to managers, and in doing so equips readers with the analytical perspectives and tools needed to understand the significance of leadership in contemporary organizations.

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