Change Prediction for Mass Customised Products: A Product Model View

Keller, R.; Eckert, C.M. and Clarkson, P.J (2007). Change Prediction for Mass Customised Products: A Product Model View. In: Proceedings of Mass Customization, 2007, Boston, USA.



In the automotive industry, engines are complex products, with a need to satisfy stringent legislation emission targets. In addition, off-road diesel engines are faced at the same time with a highly fragmented market of different customers demanding highly customized products. A main enabler to be competitive in such a situation is to manage changes effectively without running over time and budget. Every change request from new customer requirements must
be analysed for potential costly knock-on effects to other, not necessarily connected components. This paper describes
how the Change Prediction Method (CPM) can be applied for the assessment of knock-on change risks which Proceedings of 46 the 2007 World Conference on Mass Customization & Personalization supports companies in planning for changes before being implemented and allows for an improved planning towards mass customization.

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