Fully Adaptive Performance Scalable Block-based Motion Estimation

Sorwar, G.; Murshed, M. and Dooley, L. (2005). Fully Adaptive Performance Scalable Block-based Motion Estimation. In: IEEE Fifth International Conference on Information, Communications and Signal Processing (ICICS’05), 6-9 Dec 2005, Bangkok.

URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpls/abs_all.jsp?arnumb...


Trading-off computational complexity and quality is an important performance constraint for real time application of motion estimation algorithm. To address this issue, an adaptive-centre diamond search distance dependent thresholding search (ADSDTS) algorithm has been proposed [1] for motion estimation in video coding applications. ADSDTS encompassed both the full search (FS) as well as fast searching modes, with different threshold settings providing various quality-of-service levels. The main drawback of ADSDTS was that the threshold value was manually defined. In this paper, the ADSDTS algorithm has been extended to a fully adaptive centre-prediction diamond-search distance-dependent thresholding search (FACDDTS), a key feature of which is the automatic adaptation of the threshold using the desired target and the content from the actual video sequence, to achieve a guaranteed level of quality or processing complexity. Experimental results confirm the performance of the FACDDTS algorithm in achieving this objective with minimal additional computational cost.

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